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I don't use my JCPenney credit card very often but when I tried to use it this Christmas my purchase was declined. This did not make sense because I've always had a fairly high credit limit and I knew my 150.00 purchase would not have exceeded this limit. I used a different card for the purchase and assumed there was some type of issue and I would call to get it straightened out. I called the Customer Service number later that night only to find out that my credit limit had been reduced to $100.00 from the thousands it had been previously. I was told that because I didn't use the card they reduced the limit and I should've received a letter. I have never received a letter and I have gone longer periods of time not using that card before and I've never had this issue. After doing a little more checking, I have since found out they reported one of the payments that I had made as being late. So, not only was my credit limit reduced to almost nothing, I was also reported to the credit agencies for making a late payment. I have NEVER made a late payment to JCPenney. When I called to cancel my credit card the agent did that without ever asking how they can keep my business. I then asked how they were going to correct the information that was reported inaccurately to the credit agency and she hung up on me. I would think that after being a customer for as many years, as I have, someone in the two calls I've made to customer service would've tried at least do something to try and keep my business. Instead she hung up...great customer service JCPenney. I will make sure that everyone I know is aware of this and I will suggest they no longer shop in these stores.

Dec 27, 2018

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