Jack In The Boxunorganization

I went to Jack in the Box in San Antonio, Tx off of Hildebrand & Fredericksburg about 9:00 PM and as I went through the drive thru, the young girl said they had no change and could not take orders for cash I said ok. Then I said okay and waited to place my order and I said okay again and said hello and was ignored. After about two minutes of waiting, I was going to reverse but I couldn't because there at least 4 cars behind me and was stuck in line for about 15 minutes.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Antonio, TX When I came to the window the girl was just looking as if in outer space at me and said what was your order. I said you never took my order and then she says again that they have no change but I had my credit card but by this time I was frustrated and said that I wanted to speak to the manager. The girls said she was not in. Then I asked for her mgrs name, she said her name was Maria and then I asked her if she was the shift leader and she said no, so I asked for her name as well, she said Michelle was her name. And now I'm here complaining about it. The funny thing is that this was the second time. I will nolonger eat or recommend one of the places that I used to love.

Jan 28, 2017

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