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Jack In The Box / unfair working conditions and changing the schedule and I can’t afford to get them cut under 40 or more.

1 Watauga, TX, United States Review updated:

When I worked there before I went to overnight and had to do everyone's job and now I am back and still have to do everyone's job. I also do some stuff that is management stuff that I shouldn't be doing not in my job title and the one I work at they are races. They only let Mexicans as team leader's and or manager's and they think I am stupid that I don't know how they run things. They also talk [censored] about me in Spanish to each other. Then when I asked what they were saying they say oh nothing or that it's not about you and I should be making more doing what I do. I do overnight drive thru, fryers and grill and on Sunday when I work my 10pm-6am shirt I do the count up front for the inventory for them Monday mornings before I get off that's not in my job title either. They always pick on me to. I am about to start going off on everyone up there if stuff doesn't change and my schedule gets changed after it's already made so if I don't have my hours back before I have to be in tonight from 10pm-6am and tomorrow from 10pm-6am then and my schedule gets changed again then I Will be calling around and finding every employee that isn't Mexican that works for jack in the box and let them know how y'all really run it.

  • Updated by Carolina1983, Oct 11, 2018

    And also the lobby is suppose to be stay open till midnight on Friday and Saturday and they changed the hours in that too

  • Updated by Carolina1983, Oct 13, 2018

    I have gotten talked about by a couple of the employees when I am at work and behind my back and I don't know what they are saying about me and I don't think that is right I get made fun of too. I really don't think it's right to get talked about while at work or off the clock behind my back and when I come in as a coustomer there is one grill employee that says something about my kids to me all the time and she has told me told me to take my kids home a couple of times and not to bring them back

  • Updated by Carolina1983, Oct 14, 2018

    There is this one employee that will talk crap about me in her languages other employees that speak her language. I feel like it's not right for this to be going on. I don't know if she does when the nights/days I am off or just on the days/nights that I work but I do know that she does it on the days/nights that I do work and I feel like it's just me it's happening with. I have told the manager but it's like she don't care cause she is Hispanic too.

Oct 11, 2018

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