Jack In The Boxunethical behaviour, unfair working conditions, harassment from management via text messages and more.

I was suspended from work on 1/27/2017, for a cash shortage from the night before. I left(clocked out ) @ 7p.m., before leaving the remaining shift manager and myshelf did "shift change".
At this time I made my safe deposit and counted the two cash drawers that I had been instructed to count by this very same manager. I left the drawers on the managers office desk and told Ericka(Shift Mang.) to verify(count) that they were in fact both 150.00. She did and secured the drawers in the safe, at this time I left the store and proceeded two blocks to my other job.
I was awaking the next morning by Cecila the opening manager, telling me that "our" shift (ericka's and mine) was 20.00 short. I informed her that I did not close, so therefore it was not my resposibility, nor was i accountable for her shift.
Then recived the first at 2p.m I recieved the first of many threating, sladerious and very accusatory text messages from Jessica the Store Manager. Saying that every time I am around? money is missing as well as, she was allegently informed by ericka that I denied her the right to verify the cash drawers and, she(jessica) had two employees allengently to wittness this. I arrived at work to cover for Tim (asst.Mag in training) and was given the "write-up" to sign, which I did not do. On the write up It stated that I was suspended.
I texted Fran(Dist.Mang.) @4:13p.m informing her of the issue and informed her thatI would not be returning back to work in that store until this matter is officialy resolved and that this wasnt the first time this type of behavior or incident has happend. Fran then replied for "me" to get more details from jessica? shes The D.M.
I also informed Jessica and fran both to "check" the office camrea, to verify that ericka was the one to secure the drawers and therefore she was not deined access. and the fact that jessica did not check the cameras "First" denied me "fair treatment".

Jan 28, 2017

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