Jack In The Box / unethical behaviour, poor attitude, lack of training, unfair write ups, discrimination and team lead abuse, unfair treatment and a unfair suspension

Winnemucca, NV, United States

I am a team lead at jack in the box store 7319 in Winnemucca, NV i have been employed here since November 2014. My store manager Karen Smith has suspended me because I am a single mother and didn't not have a babysitter for my shift on 5/10/2017 at 5:30 pm till closing. I had preceded to text her explaining not only did I not have a babysitter but we( me and my almost 2 yr old) no longer had a place to live. So after tenting her calling her and texting my District Manager Mohammed Khan since i knew he was in town and at the store. Making him aware of my situation as well i then went in person to talk to my supervisors and Karen was running a front counter register and there was a line of people in the lobby. I was waiting patiently when she asked me to come back later remind you that this is around 3:45-4:00 pm. She had already informed me to come in at 5pm earlier to talk with another team lead that i was having issues with. So i agreed but i still wanted to let her know that i didnt know what to do. She then raised her voice at me and said "So you Quit then!!!" in front of a lobby full of customers and my daughter. At this point I became upset and left upset and slammed open the door walking angry towards my car. I then came back at 5 as instructed with my daugher and had a conversion with me Karen and Maria another team lead.About respecting one another and all of our attitudes towards each other. I stayed around the store since remember I had no where to go. I felt bad that I could not make it to work but there was nothing I could do at the time. Maria understood and so did Karen. I was told by Maria that Karen was going to stay or come back later just for a few to help cover me. I wait outside for Karen to walk out and head to her car I then asked her if it was ok to go over to her house. She then told me it would be like an half hour or more till she got home. also I had messaged her earlier about my situation asking her what she was doing for the night and just like my messages earlier an answer by her . So later on that evening round 10:45-11pm I arrived at her house with my daughter asleep. Well I guess a water pipe had burst at jack in the box and she had to in. She wanted me to leave and go with her I told her no. So when she got back to her house she had an attitude towards me and was being snide so I told her that we could leave and she said "ok" I left in a hurry and angry at her for doing this to me and my daughter with no where to go for the night. She then kept being rude and snide saying that she could of watched my daughter shutting her door in my face. I was pretty angry at this point and pounded 3 times on the door and yell through the door I did text you and got no answer like before.At this time she had opened the door and was coming at me she then swung on me in front of my daughter who was awake now I ducked and she kept swinging so we got into an altercation. I grabbed my daughter and drove away. The next morning she messaged me that she was sorry and that my daughter wouldn't remember it. I said sorry too. She did not at any point during the day inform me that I was now suspended for my attitude the day before when I had come into talk to her and stormed out after she raised her voice at me. My District manager is unethical as well but all he saw was me upset and supposedly causing a scene earlier. I came in for my next schedule shift at 5:30 and was stopped by another team Member not a lead or Karen that I was suspended till further notice. I also feel I was written up because of the disagreement after hours that prompted her to write up the suspension. I had clocked in and then called her saying I was suspended for how long she said she did not know and that she would tell me tomorrow. Well this unorganized unprofessional did not call me today to inform me when I can return back to work. I feel disciplinary action should be taken against her as well since it was her and her ### attitude towards me that made me react towards her on the 10th. This is has been an on going problem with my store manager she has written me up for being late for opening shifts when she herself has slept in or hasn't shown up to open more times than I EVER have. Not to mention the hour or more it takes her to run the bank deposit to Well Fargo and it is across the street. She has been caught not even taken the daily deposit to the bank and she forgot she had it in her car for more than 2 days. So I would like to know where and what she is doing when she is saying this is where she is going. Then wants to come back in after our lunch rush saying how much she has to do and blah then she will take another 30 minute break. Also she has yelled at not only me but other team members in front of customers is completely unorganized we are always running out of major things like Jumbo Pattys Buns Fries curly fries straws napkins bags. Cleaning supplies everything at store 7019 is falling apart literally when it is wet outside be prepared for it to rain inside right under our menu boards there is not only 1 but 3 leaks and dont forget to mention the lake in our lobby right next to the high priced soda machine they had to get. I used to have a set schedule of Mon-fri 7:30am to 3:30 pm I was offered that when my previous store manager Heather Long had giving me after I came back from maturity leave. I now work the mid shifts closing and opening at times and have beg and pleaded for her and mohammed to give them back to me. I cant even get two days off in a row anymore and when I request them off cause I got sick of it and her complaining all the time if she has to work ### shifts so do I. NO I DO NOT I AM NOT THE STORE MANAGER AND I AM NOT GETTTING PAID A SALARY WAGE NOW AM I SHE SIGNED UP FOR THAT I DID NOT... also she had hired her boy toy that lives with her and they do nothing but fight and call each other horrible names and then she will short hand the store cause she has sent him home but then she will go talk it with him for 2 hours and then once she is calmed down let him return to work while the whole time being slammed and the only one on grill . She allows the hispanic people go and leave on vacations for a month or more to mexico screwing the rest of the team but cant give me 2 days off in a row. She should not be store manager she cant run her own life let alone a entire store. It is complete udder non sense and honestly so is my District manager Mohammed. He plays favorites he doesnt get back to me ive asked him specifically that i wanted more trainning to become A better team lead because i feel that i was not trained properly since i had been employed for so long they didnt give me a team lead workbook, make me do all my certifications or my serv safe courses. She also promised me that i would get AT least a .75-1.00 raise if i became a team lead which never happened. She has been late a lot her self she has attitude herself and she thinks that she will be able to suspended me till further notice so she wont have to do the paper work this is not going to happen im a single mom stop b.s me and either get me back to work which would not happen now but fire me so i can at least collect my unemployment benefits that i deserve to have work in this hell whole for as long as i have.

May 13, 2017

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