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Manvel, TX, United States
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JIB #3911 Time @ 645 exacted at the DT however they made me come inside to retake my order, 3 females employee where working that morning...

I was just passing by at Brazoria County to get some breakfast, i place my order thru DT for 3 people including me and the order was correct.. When i get to the window i handle 3 breakfast coupons meal the woman stated i could only take 1 coupon, so i explain to her i worked at JIB and yes you can take the coupons we are 3 of us and she said no i could only take 1, she call her manager which I'm not sure if i was dealing with a Teamleader, assistant manager or manager of the store however she was not wearing a hat, hairnet nor a name tag so i had to repeat myself again, and she also said no i could only take one coupon.. She also made me come inside she was not going to re take my order individually it had to be inside the store. while im driving half around i see the store as experience working in JIB no hospitality/ uncleanness and now i worked for Harris County Health Department (HCPHES)from inside out also when i walked in the front counter ceiling was dripping water while i was waiting 10 minutes inside for Marielena to take my order the time was 6:54 thru 6:56 am, remember they had to take it individually to accept my coupons nevertheless as well i had a hard time with money couldn't break a hundred dollar bill which i explain to her you are about to take 3 orders, and its going to break in half of my change so that was another issue they wouldn't accepted and since i have experience working at JIB the food supply was sitting on the hall way between the grill station and fryer station i didn't see the maintenance guy on the floor at all the food is suppose to be stocked right away when the truck unload the supplies and food products, and i now the timing when a truck arrives, 4am or 5am so the food been sitting for almost 2 to 3 hours since i left pass 7ish all this time i was not trying to give no one a hard time, your employees gave me a hard time... i was just passing by to get some breakfast, there services was with smart quotes, body language no smiling at all your staff needs training in hospitality, customer services etc.

Veronica Garcia

Jun 19, 2017

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