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First off I would like to so upset with the service I was provide with I serve in the usn military and I can not believe that the people I put my life on the life for are treating people this way u stop at the jack in the box on stemmons for a snack the first impression of the restaurant was unsatisfactory in front of me was three young ladies who was waiting very patiently there was a man who was working the register who look like the cook and should not be taking orders and making food I noticed later that they was understaffed but was no excuse for the service that was provide the young ladies ask if they could get waiting on because they were on there lunch break and needed to hurry back the manger which I later found out was the general manager which surprised me even more replied with "don't rush me which was rude she was only implying that he should take her order instead of telling the other coworkers that he should not be at work on his day off after all of that I began ordering and I was given a coupon by one of the lady's in the restaurant for a take you for my service I provide him with a coupon 2for 5 dollars after waiting 45 mins I still
Did not receive my food so went to the counter to see how much longer a lady from drive through comes in and say she has the wrong order he then digs in her bag and try to give the burger to me and I said no sir I would like my money back he ask for my recipt and snatched it out my hand he gave me 4.10 back which was totally incorrect I asked for my recipt and he said I don't know what I did with it I asked him to reprint it he said he didn't know how I looked at the name on the register and the name was evyllen I have worked in fast food before and one thing I no is the you are not suppose to work under another employee register there was no female on duty. I asked for the manger name he responded with the general manager I am really displeased with the service I received it was down right rude and none of the customers deserved to be treated in that manner we only come to get our food and go on with our day not to be hassled with someone who didn't want to be at work
But the two employees where really sweet and kind but it's sad that the general manager acted in such a bad way in front of them what kind of example is he showing

Jack In The Box

Jul 27, 2018

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