Jack In The Box / overall store operations

Phoenix, AZ, United States

Specifically complaining about the conditions at JIB #1153 on E. Bell and Cave Creek in Phoenix, AZ. SO many concerns about this store.

I've worked here for almost a month now, and I want to call the Health Inspector on my own store. One of the night managers never wears gloves while preparing food of any kind. There is always food on the floor. I've only seen two coworkers who earnestly try to do their jobs. The rest sit on their phones between customers, or talk with each other back in the office instead of cleaning or stocking for the next shift. Every night, I come in to work, and everyone from day shift is making a mad dash for the door, whether things are stocked, cleaned, or not. They rarely take the trash out, leaving it all for the night workers at the end of the day. Yet, I am expected to stay up to an hour late each morning making sure things are overstocked for the day shift? My hours keep getting cut and adjusted awkwardly because of this so that I don't make overtime. And with as hard as I work there, I think I deserve some!

Forget bringing anything up with the store manager. He's so morose about everything and never has a positive thing to say. If you try to suggest anything, it gets brushed aside without acknowledgement instead of being talked over and executed. He also seems to enjoy ragging on the few people who do work hard for him, since they're the only ones who get anything done. Instead, he should enforce company policy and make everyone do their jobs instead of laying the burden of the whole store on a few responsible people. Everything just turns into a pity party instead, and it's frustrating when you earnestly want your store to do good. Or at least pass the upcoming health inspection so that you can keep your job. If I could find the 800 number for the JIB Ethics Hotline, I'd call them in a heartbeat.

I should add here that I have 4 compressed vertebra and have chronic pain issues. I still come into work, clean, shaven, and with positive attitude towards the night. I don't complain about what I have to do, I just figure it out and get it done. But when nothing is ever stocked or cleaned, this makes double the work for me, puts me in a lot of pain, and makes the night miserable for me and my coworker. Our store is chronically understaffed, as well, so there's only ever two people on at night. If one of my coworkers calls out, I have to go put a paper on the sign saying we're closed for maintenance. It's embarrassing. We've also run out of several food items and have had to turn customers down. It seems like we can hardly keep straight what needs to be ordered. That said, my coworkers often lie or leave machines (such as the shake machine) turned off after they clean it so that they don't have to make any shakes at night. This kind of crap is costing us money and hurting the store and its employees.

Trash gets piled halfway up the back door, and chemicals and food items are kept in the same small back room, albeit at separate ends. Dirty mop buckets are often left full out back with the mop just sticking out of them. And sweeping underneath things is almost unseen but for three people in that whole store. It's plain sad how little effort anyone else puts into their work. Lazy, lazy lazy lazy! I know if we could hire better people, they'd be fired in a heartbeat. But no one's been applying to this store, and they know it. So they get away with making huge bags of food to take home for the family, when they're only supposed to get a meal while on shift. And then the store manager wonders where all the meat and cheese went, hmm.

Maybe if someone spent any amount fo time going through all the security footage in the store, they'd realize most of this on their own. But that, apparently, requires too much common sense. I'm so angry with this store, and I want to change it for the better. Not 10+min wait times for the customer to get a wrong order.

Jun 19, 2017

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