Jack in the Boxover charging on my bill

L Nov 18, 2017

today, nov 18, 2017, I ordered two surpreme breakfast sandwichs listed at 3.79 each at the Des Moines, Wa store. After going thru drive up window I saw they over charged me. Charging me 3.99 each. I parked and went in to get my over charge back. The menu in store also said 3.79, but I was told I had to pay 3.99 because they raised the price today and forgot to change menu price. When I asked for a manager they told me he left for the day, his name is Raj. The girl at the counter was so rude I returned all my food order.
Instead of good custom service, they took the food and threw it away. I feel they should of honored they listed price, and not have been rude to me. It's not much the 45 cents over charge, it was their attitude about it. Des Moines JIB has lost a loyal customer.

Linda Matthews
Des Moines, wa

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