Jack in the Boxlazy employees

I go to the jack in the box located on sante fe wilmington, ca. When I do go... Usually once a week during the early morning hours between 3:45 and 4:15. It seems that I usually run into an employee that just refuses to take orders. He always comes up with an excuse... I usually get...'oh... The computer is resetting itself so I can't take any orders' then i'll ask... "how long will it take?" and i'll get different replies... One time it was 20 minutes. Another time was 15. And it's only with this particular employee. I know the computer resets itself... And I know it usually takes about 5 minutes. And I know it happens at 4 a. M. I've been going there long enough to know that. Other times i'll get... "oh sorry sir, I can't take your order because we just cleaned the grill". It's frustrating to me because, he's pushing alot of customers away at that hour because the local refineries shift change is close to that time. A lot of the gents from where I work go there... Or try to at that time. So my question is this... Shouldn't your employees be encouraging orders? There are three other fast food joints literally across the street from jack in the box, including mcdonalds, carl's jr., and taco bell. If this stupid # continues to happen, I will take my dollars elsewhere. This imbecile you have working that shift is costing you money... Not to mention customers. He said his name was gabrielle, but i'm certain he gave me a false name.

May 12, 2017

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