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Jack In The Box / jack in the box

1 4715 university, United States
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I was eating at your 4715 university Ave locatation I had the curly Fry's and and cheddar cheese and I just so happens to be displaced at the moment, I'm not ashamed of it as your staff seems to be . As I was eating and putting together a puzzle I was informed that I was not allowed to enjoy my meal and put together my puzzle in your establishment of confortable dinning .and even tho my belonging we're stowed out of the way of everyone I wasn't allowed to bring them in to your eating establishment. Even thoe it's all I own in the world and is a small rolling suite case . Any way your manager belted out so all the the place could know I was being repermanded . Quite the show . I don't know if she is poorly schooled or is just a mean person but her behavior was not suited for your image . Also lacking in social sencetivety or awareness that e.b.t and the homeless comprise althoe small percentage of your costumer base . The are costumers never the less .
Also I have in the last week observed your employees locking the bathrooms and turning people away telling them they were out of order and laughing about it as a group afterward . As they did know I could here or they thought I would also be amused . They were wrong . I did not think that social predgudose still lurked in a staff that is not far removed from being a part of it if they went to some placea in sandiego themselves so I'm baffled and apauled and thoe my situation is one of out of my hands I am homeless for the moment but not ashamed in that I am fortunate that I have a trade and that I'm just temporarily displaced and in any given day I will return to my trade any given day I would return to work and my salary alone doubles that have three of your employees but I did not hold that to them. Nor will I be returning the Jack-in-the-Box I will not eat in an establishment that condones social prejudice and furthermore I will inform everybody of my circumstances and what happened including the local news as I was made to be embarrassed for what for having my belongings and putting together a puzzle why I enjoyed my meal

Feb 1, 2019

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