Jack in the Boxdebit card not return after transaction complete

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Went to Jack In the Box this afternoon (May, 18. 2017 around 100 Pm)for my usual order, (2 iced coffee and 1 plain croissant) Yolanda the Supervisor that took my Debit card and handed me my order. First I hand her my card to pay my order, then she handed me a bag with my sandwich and a straw, asked if I wanted a cup holder then I said "yes'. She gave me my coffees and said" have a nice day". I drove off, but then I realized that I did not have my debit card .I went back to the drive thou but there is 2 cars in front of me. I patiently waited till my turn. And when I got at the window, I told Yolanda that I did not got my debit card. She kept saying she did gave it back to me.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Las Vegas, NVA witness (I forgot his name/Asian young guy)was the witness everything.He said that they will check the locker...?the back...? I was did my card get in the locker or office in less than 10 minis from the time I ordered? But in my mind.they look around. Yolanda even trying to convinced me that I might misplaced my card and I might put it in my purse because she does it all the time.and I kept telling her that she did not give my debit card back to me. And the Asian guy finally found it along with another card.My experienced today is terrible. I always come to this location almost everyday for about a year now. So, I have to cancelled my card because I feel not safe of what happened to me today. Fraud are everywhere.very an inconvenient and very bad service.

  • Updated by *dnaman* · May 19, 2017

    I ddnt wrote the second comment and You spelled Yulanda as Yolanda. And I will still going to call or come to this location to resolve this situation.

May 19, 2017
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