Jack In The Box / customer service for the restaurant# 457 and the guest relation dept

I went in to Store# 457 off of Cypress Wood And I45 in Spring Texas This Morning and ordered the 2 for 4 dollars and I ask the girl at the counter to make one a meal.. She tells me she cannot do that I ask why that not how it come. I looked at her kind of confused and I said to make it a meal why don't you add my drink and a hash brown that will make it a meal . so she did what I said I thought but when I got my meal all I got was my drink I ask where is my hash brown she said that I did not order one.. Ok what part of make it a meal and when I said add the drink and hash brown did you not get.. I think this is a training thing that was missed. So I go to call guest relation and let them know the only way you can make a complaint is thru the website. I said to them I'm blind and could not do as they want me to which I said I feel I'm being discriminated against for the problems with my health and eyesight, which the lady on the phone said I was not and hung up the Phone on me she was very rude and should not work there for this kind of customer service. I did call back and said this was not good customer service and a lawsuit will take place for Discrimination if this is how people get treated with physical abilitys.

Mar 08, 2017

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