Jack In The Boxcommercial about jack having the bowls

To whom it may concern,

I am a patron of Jack in the Box and have loved the food. I have recently seen a commercial and ads where it pertains to jack has the bowls ..i see the clever word play but in a time where we are trying have everyone not feel offended, this ad and commercial is walking that line. To even step close to the line that could be taken the wrong way could even cause me a customer to scratch my head as to why Jack in the box would make a risky commercial as those seen

I would like to know what as a customer i could do to express a need for change to make sure that things and lines like this aren't becoming a trend for a business i would like to continue to frequent. I wouldnt like my 12 year old nephew to say ..Jack has big bowls and i have little bowls.

Please respond if you may to [protected]

Ron Payne

Dec 04, 2018

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