Jack In The Boxcold fries and horrible customer service

I have never been one to be petty or complain but Jack In The Box at 10638 Huebner road in TX is by far the worst I have ever been to. It never fails I'm either waiting in line for a long time, my food is cold, they forget something or the tea is horrible. I went through the drive through thinking positive but my fries were hard as a rock and cold. I had to ask for my receipt and the employee looked at me as if I were asking for something out of the ordinary. I get home which by the way is less than five minutes and notice my food was cold. I called and talk to Jonathan and he said there was no manager for me to speak to. I told him my situation and he said they are having problems with the grease and that's why my fries were hard and cold (makes no sense). He said the if I came back that he would replace my fries. I refused the offer because then my burgers would be cold. I told him that if I drive back that I wanted both replaced and I was told he could not do that. First of all an employee with no authority should not make that decision and a manager should be there to supervise. I have no idea what goes on in this place but someone really needs to clean house and get this location together. People work hard for their money and eating out is some what of a luxury there is no reason customers should have to deal with this more than once at the same location.

Dec 04, 2018

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