Intex pool filter pump model 635cant replace impeller

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Same complaint with Intex!! I wish I'd read this site before purchasing ANOTHER Intex pump, guess I'll have the same problem next summer. DONT BUY INTEX PRODUCTS. This 2.00 plastic part (impeller)is not replaceable because they choose NOT to give you that option so that you are forced to buy another pump. Word of advice. A new Intex pump will cost you about $100. INVEST another $100 ang get you a good sand filter pump ( you can find them on ebay brand new and cheap) I just didnt have the money and had no choice but to get whay I could afford. SHAME ON INTEX!!!

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  • Re
      Jul 26, 2009

    The best thing to do is go and purchase another one from the store, take the good impeller and replace it with the old impeller, take back to store and let the store send it back to intex.

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  • La
      Aug 27, 2009

    How ABSOLUTELY aggrivating! I had the same problem with the impeller blades breaking off, leaving the pump totally useless! I have been sure to keep my pool clean and free from debris so there was no reason for all the blades on this plastic piece of crap to break off. I have only used my pool for 3 months.
    I spent a LOT of money on my pool hoping to get something nice for my family. Was I ever wrong!
    Trust me, if and when I ever find a replacement pump, it won't be this brand. What a waste of money!

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  • Sp
      Dec 16, 2009

    I too have had the same problem with the impeller.. and having 8000 gallons of stagnant water isnt an option.. if they would have put the filter before the pump this would have been a good idea .. well i guess they have job security... i did use the old worthless filter and pump before the new setup and well its a costly double filter... if i had to do it over again i wouldnt buy an intex pool

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