SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / bait and switch. single report $1.00 but billed $30

They intice one into a report for a dollar, but in the fine print bills $30 on ones crdit card. the "cart" does not reviel the $30 charge. so it looks like you just paying for a onetime reportfor one search result.

For example today it says,
"people search report

Includes 1 search result for xxxx xxxx in anytown, usa

Report includes when available:

Full name
Age & dob
Phone number
Address history

Premier member, you get this report at no charge!

No charge view report

So you might think its free for today.

  • Updated by Vegan life, Mar 29, 2017

    Here is the receipt of the Original Transaction:

    Phone Report #[protected] $0.95
    Tax $0.08
    Total $1.03
    Intelius Premier Plus #[protected]

    NOTE: Your card statement will show 2 line items.

Mar 29, 2017

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