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Ingles Grocery / Very rude store manager

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I work at the Ingles in Winder Ga. There are a lot of nice people there, but the store manager is terrible.

First this store doesn’t believe in evaluations.

Nobody ever gets a raise. They people working there for five to six years without a raise since they started. Then Mr. Wages cuts everyone’s hours pushes his dept managers to get more production done.

The only person that’s making any money is him! I've witness so many good people either quit, because they can't take it anymore. Or he fires people for the dumbest reasons! Ingles is the worst place to work for.

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  • Be
      9th of Sep, 2008
    +3 Votes

    This is not only a problem At the Winder Store this a problem
    thru out the whole chain. It is not what you know, it is who you
    know at Ingles The reason Ingles is being whipped by Publix is because Ingles does not understand how to train, respect, or pay their employees. But Winder is worse because it is in A
    bad district with bad upper management. PS don't become
    A Deli Manager in this district you won't get training

  • Gc
      18th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have shopped all kinds of grocery and health food stores for gluten free foods and I just found the glutino product in your organic section, I want to THANK whoever is responsable for getting this product it is the greatest I have ever found anywhere with natural taste lot of people are allergic to wheat gluten and most doctors dont know about it.THANKS VERY MUCH.,
    G.C.Yates Hiawassee, Ga.

  • Da
      23rd of Nov, 2008
    +2 Votes

    I was shopping on 11-19-08 in Ingles that night and i found myself on the floor. I found out that some bleach was leaking from the bottle.There was a puddle on the floor. My back was hurting a little bit.There was no signs at the spill or close by it.So i told one of the workers there what had happen to me, so i finished what i was doing in some pain.about 15 minutes later i walked by the same aisle and the bleach was still there.The next day i went to the emergency room and they said i pulled some mussles in my back.To this day im still in pain.Im very disappointed by the lack of care in concern your workers show for the lack of customers.

  • Ha
      29th of Jun, 2009
    +1 Votes

    i also work at this ingles & yes the manager mr.wages is a JERK! I am a very hard worker & I know some other people there who are also hard workers. Mr. wages doesn't understand what its like to need more money from what they pay. Im still here but I hope not for long. I love my customers but that man is a bad manager anyone could ever have.

  • Sh
      23rd of Feb, 2010
    +2 Votes

    My daughter was hired there week before last. Her first day she got 1/2 days training and then was left by herself. On her 3rd day, her drawer was short. They called or texted her that Sunday night and she explained what she thought might have happened. The manager watched the tapes and said he knows she did not STEAL the money, she mistakenly gave to much change to customers. One even brought back $17 dollars. She made a mistake. So yesterday when she went to work, the manager fired her. He didn't offer to give her another chance, he didn't offer to give her additional training even though he said he knew she had not STOLEN the money. He wouldn't give her another chance. She was so happy she had gotten the job. Now she's crushed. She made honest mistakes. He said he couldn't let her continue working even though he knew she was a good girl, honest and likable. Now everyone that works at the store will think she stole the money. I asked would he had done when this had happened before, his response, this has happened before after he had just told my husband, before I got there, he had fired someone 2 weeks earlier for stealing. Now she is considered a thief by people she worked with. Not she made a mistake, let's do more training. Not she made a mistake, let's see how we can keep this from happening again. My daughter even offered to pay the money back to keep her job. He would not allow that. He was worried about how he would like to other employees if he let her stay and keep her job. His words were: Corporate don't know her how will it look if I let her stay. No corporate doesn't know her but they can look at the same video he looked at, they can talk to her and see what kind of person she is, they could asked him do you think she took the money, which he assured us (her parents) that he knew she didn't. He could have said it was a mistake, I'm working with her to make sure she doesn't make the mistake again. But would he do that, NO instead he crushed her. Made her feel like she stole the money and put her in the same category as the kids he had let go for stealing. Now here's the kicker. He told her father, she could re-apply in 4 or 5 months and if he had an opening he would consider bringing her back because he knew she was a good kid and she was honest.. If he knew that why was she not allowed to get more training and keep her job. NO crush her spirit now. Will I shop there again. No. Because a mistake is just that a mistake. I make mistakes, that manager makes mistakes. Others at the store have also made mistakes and have been written up and get to continue working. If she is honest enough to be hired back in a few months, she was honest enough to get to keep her job. Yes, as I stated, she made a mistake. Is she sorry, Yes. Did she offer to make it right? Yes Would he allow her to keep her job? No. He was afraid of corporate. Corporate might have thought since she's honest, letting her work was a good decision. She made a mistake
    Since being fired, my daughter’s friend told her she had come up $99 short and was written up of course this was another manager. Another guy that works there they know for a fact has stolen at least $20. The manager’s father is a District Manager and apparently this manager doesn’t have to be consistent with his own policies or play by the rules.
    After talking with my daughter, she was never told how much money was in her drawer to begin with, the bookkeepers count the money and hand it to the cashiers. Not I am not implying anything.
    So punish the ones that want to work and want to start a life for themselves and keep the ones that you have doubts about.

  • 1g
      3rd of Jun, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I work for ingles 201 in boiling springs sc. I have worked there for almost a year and can not stand most of the managers there. The store manager never says anything he just walks around or sits at the desk and does things i guess. The co store manager is a real [censor]. Not just to employees but, to customers as well. She yells and is verbaly abusive to people. Sometimes she comes off a bit raceist to people. At Ingels is you are promoted to a position like a co store manager you are too move stores. Well because she is up the store managers [censor] and he in return is up the district managers [censor] she did not have to leave the store. Also employees are not allowed to have their cell phones out while on the clock, makes sence i know. But some how this does not apply to managers whatso ever. Just the other day i called for the co store manager and her she came waltzing down an isle on her phone. Then there is the matter of hair styles at the store. I come in one day with a mohawk they tell me to wear a hatno problem. So if i had to wear a hat to cover my mohawk why did the manager that has one not have to cover or cut his. Also if we have facial hair we are required to shave it but a manager can go with disgusting muttin chop side burns or whatever and not have to shave riddle me that one.

    Then once i ran a gift card for 750 dollars trns out they have a limit of 500 dollars. So after cashing two different ones out because of a declined card i was [censor]ed out for being 750 dollars short and told that i should have know about the limit because it is on the back of the card. When asked about why i tried to give a giftcard for that amount i replied that no one ever told me about the limit and it was not on the back of the card. So these are a few of my problems wit ingles.

    PS cant wait until August when i can quit ingles and go to college. I m going to let that fat [censor] co store manager have it but going to try to keep it clean. Also she has a mustsache and we have seen her looking at it in a mirror.

  • An
      16th of Dec, 2010
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  • Ho
      1st of Feb, 2011
    +2 Votes

    well my problem is they over charge you and several times i had to get money back cause they didnt take off my coupons but kept them second the 27 i made a purchase for 46 bucks today i look and there were two charges one for 43 and then the one i whom ever thinks there money is safe with ingles u better triple check your account receipt and if u work there check your paycheck thru and thru cause they will screw you!!!

  • Ba
      4th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I am an Ingles employee also. The pay sucks. The hours BLOW. and not to mention they screwed my check up. It took them 4 weeks to get my first check then they put it all in one causing me to pay double tax. Now granted we now have a new store manager but that still does not fix what they did. I also drive 25 miles one way to go to work when there is a store within walking distance from where I live. Store # 116 HAYESVILLE NC. I WORK DAY IN DAY OUT AND GET NOTHING. NOT EVEN A THANK YOU OR A [censor] YOU!!!

  • An
      27th of May, 2011
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  • Ja
      10th of Jan, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Inglis sucks ...i have been in retail for about 20 years I'm 45 now and still work very hard. All my evaluations have been excellent. Our district has been changed in habersham GA. and it has been a nightmare. we have a new manager. We all hoped for the best but all this man has done is fight with everyone. He treats us like rats or dogs. Sorry i treat my dog pretty good. He hates us. He has called me a lire 2 times and brings his own people from his little store he came from. our new bakery merchandiser is the worst I have ever worked under.. She has caused us to loose more money than we ever have. I don't know how she still has a job...Her name is Kara and she is nothing but a big bully. Mr Ronald's is the newest manager, and he acts like a juvenile ... and he is living with and has a kid with the deli merchandiser in the same district .. that alone is ###. He is a fat ### ...Our customers hate him and so do all the employees. He and Kara just fired me over a statement that someone wrote about me ... and the statement is a I'm considered HOSTILE... i find that to be funny considering who it came record proves otherwise what ever...CARMA IS A ###...ENJOY WHAT YOU GET... HOPE I'M AROUND TO HERE ABOUT IT ...I PREY PUBLIX WILL BUILD A STORE NEAR YOU SOON AND PUT YOU OUT OF BUSINESS ...SO MANY CUSTOMERS WISH THE SAME.. THE ONLY REASON THEY SHOP AT THE CLARKSVILLE STORE IS BECAUSE THERE IS NO WHERE ELTS TO GO. MR RYNALDS YOU SUCK AND YOU CAN KISS MY ###.. FROM BECKIE HILL TO YOU

  • An
      10th of Jan, 2012
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  • Ja
      11th of Feb, 2012
    +3 Votes

    clarksville ingles sucks sucks sucks ...just ask the whole town of habersham. pubix is comming you fat peace of ### mr. rynaldsss ha ha get ready for a cut in pay ...carma it will bite you...hate you very much beckie.

  • Gr
      28th of Jun, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I work for the Ingles on Hwy. 60 in Gainesville, G.A. Our store manager, Janet, is nothing but an absolute stressed out witch who bullies every employee at the store with the exception of her inner circle. She cannot handle stress on any level, and she frequently belittles her cashiers in front of customers. I don't believe she's ever voiced the words "I'm" and "sorry" together at any point in her life. She makes mistakes and pushes the blame of on her co-workers. I wish I had never gotten on at this store and I'm currently seeking new employment. After I leave I intend to phone corporate with some interesting information concerning legal violations that I've personally witnessed. If they don't listen I will contact the DOL.

  • Mr
      8th of Aug, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I work for ingles deli in Asheville N.C.i have never seen a manager that only barks orders at people she wont wait on a customer she will yell for someone else to get them today she yelled at a new employee and I do mean yelled and told her to get the hot bar and the new employee has never been trained to do the hot bar its was bad enough for the lady to cry I bet the customers really thought she was a piece of work, also its all in who you know not what you know she took her niece off second and put her on first and that left second with 3 employees today for the hot bar, cook, slice line, salad bar.and sub bar now tell me she has been trained as a manager.I have been in food service most my life and managed places and I would never dream of belittling one of my employees like she has done im sure this wont get no ones attention but at least I did my part

  • Da
      13th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I worked at the ingles in Hendersonville North Carolina, well both of them in that small town. But yes Ingles management and who they employee in power are some of the worst people alive. So much sexual harassment it isn't even funny, so much social defamation it can ruin lives and I've comforted so many crying woken from what store managers and their comanagers have done. Some of the most miserable people who abuse their position to hurt, embarrass and control other employees and past employees just because they can and corporate ingles doesn't do a single thing about it. Some got it worse than others just because they are single parents who can't quit and need the money to feed their families. Or people, including young adults, who are happy which makes them beautiful people who grab the attention of others where jealousy steps in and cruel punishments are enacted to shame those happy people. It is disgusting and inhumane and pretty bad at the Howard Gap Rd, Ingles. I was an employee and had an affair for a year with the deli manager still currently there. She used her position to promote me to her night manager and tell me many things to grab my attention using her body in sexual ways in the deli office to have me cater to her needs in the office because she can't get them at home. We committed sexual acts in the office, then went and served people food, no I am not proud of it I did get caught up but that doesn't mean I deserve to be sparred. We used ingles time to have an affair and hide it with work, much time spent late through the night after hours to engage in this affair including inventory nights, and the parking lot to continue, and ingles management and corporate know about it yet do nothing. I've actually created a blog explaining a lot more a lot further in detail with proof of a lot of these claims that corporate has seen as well. Problem is that this deli manager plays victim and uses her body to seduce the store manager and the district manager whose name was Ricky, who also would sexually harass her which she would tell me about and is her power of control over him. She talks do bad and disgusted of them but uses them to destroy lives of her employees who do right and report the wrongs that this deli manager is doing. Problem with that is when a complaint is reported, it is passed down person to person until it reaches the entire store and this deli manager who then will make that persons life a living hell often writing them up for acts like sexual harassment with zero reported write ups or incident reports and isn't that illegal? Aren't these complaints supposed to be anonymous and investigated by corporate instead of handed down to these managers doing the wrong so that they may group together and harass those trying to do right, be left alone, and feed their families? These people are what's wrong with the cruelty in the workplace across the nation today and there's still a whole lot more from seeing with my own eyes after being part of that circle so that this deli manager could take advantage of my kind heart and use me sexually keeping it a secret until using the job to defamate and ruin me socially and mentally. These small towns are just that, small towns, calling someone a stalker and using a relationship that no one knows about to try and act like it was one sided and making yourself a victim to save your own butt can spread around the entire town and ruin a persons life, ingles knows about all of this and acknowledges it as ok. I've created the blog which ill link but I'm also getting two town newspapers to publish an article so that more attention can be brought down upon these horrible people and hopefully disturb enough customers that the owner of this company gets his head out of his ### and turns his company away from being a cesspool of the wrong people in power creating a slave labor communist environment that ruins lives instead of employing and helping honest people with families and providing grocery store services to the townspeople who deserve honest and clean food serving environments. I wasn't going to come out with all of this for the longest time but if I must live out a completely damaged life because of what this company allows bad people and provides the means for them to thrive and continuing committing inhumane acts... then I will be the strongest voice this company has ever faced and make sure their entire network of customers, vendors and investors know the atrocious acts that ingles is condoning and doing nothing about.

  • Wi
      20th of Jan, 2018
    +1 Votes

    My son worked for Ingles for six years. Last weekend he got a laughable for lunch got distracted and forgot to pay for it., Today they let him go although he offered to pay for it, told him he can't come in the store. They cut his hours to six a week and like a faithful little puppy he continued to work. I spend between 150.00 to 200.00 dollars a week in there but no more .Dillon is a good boy, has never been in trouble, he is not a thief. If he is not allowed in that store neither am I. The manager acts like it makes him mad if you ask him anything, if he were to smile his face would crack. Thanks a lot Ingles if anything happens to my boy it's their fault.

  • Sm
      27th of Apr, 2018
    +1 Votes

    Store Manager of the Forsyth, Georgia is a joke to everybody.. He treats all his employees UGLY.. Everyone is leaving the store Corp. Office should pay attention HE never gives rises to anyone. Talks hateful & acts like he don't care he never wants to listen when you need to talk to him about a issue HE just don't want to hear it...He stated he is just waiting to RETIRE... Boy it can't come soon enough for the employees that are left. He talks to everybody like S--- He also has a girl in the front office that also is a front end mgr that is NEVER happy & he continues to let her talk ugly to the employees of the entire store He has been told by employees & Customers how rude she is (Jana) & he DOES nothing about it.. Customers are always complaining about her, He the Mgr. Billy Hand Just wants everything to go smooth & he tells you he don't have time to hear about issues that are going on & if it continues & you go to him he suspends you for a week without pay.. So you are punished for speaking up.. This is so wrong cause if you have any issues you should be able to talk to the Manager when you need to. Poster in front of store when you see something wrong you should speak up.. When you do this is what happens so why have it posted. He says well I didn't see it... SO told that employee was drunk one day & he said who knows I may be drunk. never have I worked for anybody like this man... Hope CORP reads this cause they are losing employees everyday Pay attention Due to POOR MGR.. From I man that don't care. but about himself... RUDE & such a put on

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