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Indian Railway / plight of the indian railway

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It is about a worst incident happened in reservation compartment while i was traveling From Trivandrum to Bangalore by Bangalore Express with my friends.

Three Passengers entered into the train from Trissur and they were creating nuisance to the co passengers . After some time the scene which we have seen was really shocking...
One among them (looks like a high class)was lying down on the floor in such a way that his one leg in one lower berth and other in the second lower berth .He had already passed urine in the next cabin thinking that as toilet and that too besides passengers luggage and sandals.

We girls really afraid and was about to inform this to TTR.But strange thing is No TTR was there in any of the sleeper coaches and he was sitting in AC.Somehow we informed this to TTR.He told police will enter from Coimbatore police station and will take care of this.But sad to say nothing happened.About 5 Police men came but they haven't done anything .They told us to wait till Erode and raise complaint there.We strongly told them to get a solution for us and we cannot sit like this till Erode.But they didn't hear anything and get out of the moving train.

We totally were in fully desperate condition.After that some co passengers really helped us.One old man came into action.He ordered all the three to get out from there and also told TTR to keep their ticket. Thus the situation was under control..

All this is to say that the Railway authority (Railway police & TTR's)is totally irresponsible.

Railway Authorities will not be there if we are in some critical condition inside train....

This is from My Experience....

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  • Pr
      26th of Oct, 2007
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    It is really sad that one of the largest employers in the whole world has such scant regard to the people who made this organization called the INDIAN RAILWAYS the largest organization.

    I fully endorse the views expressed by the person and such anti social elements be strictly punished to set an example in future.
    I find the TTR equally responsible in the act. Considering the fact that there a lot of women travelers in these trains and most of them would be traveling alone, this scenario is really scary.The lady showed the conviction to act against the accused but there may be a lot of instances when there are silent sufferers.

    I request the authorities if listening to take some fruitful steps so that the sagging image of the railways is once again resurrected.

  • Vi
      24th of Dec, 2007
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    My self was travelling in IInd AC from Indore to Vadodara on 18-12-2007 by Train no. 9310 Indore Gnc Express.
    I have reserved ticket under PNR no. 8216786107.

    During the travelling in the train it was found that AC of the train is not working properly more over lot of cockroachs were found in the compartment.

    Due to non performance of AC a huge suffocation was felt throughout the night, more over the cockroach byting was another problem was felt.

    The matter was so serious that not only I few of the compartment mate could not sleep through out the night.
    It is requestedto the higher authorties that please check the problem and since the travelling was horrible please return the excess fare taken for AC as compared to the SLeeper class.

  • Vi
      2nd of Mar, 2008
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    Really Unfortunate. The ailing Staffs dont deserve to get salries as they are getting salary out of the ticket of the concerned passenger. Indian railway should immediately enquire who were the person negligent in acting and should be punished.

  • Th
      28th of Oct, 2008
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    27th October, 2008


    The Divisional Manager,
    Vadodara Division

    Sub:- Misuse of Railway facilities by the employees of Indian Railway


    I am a daily commuter from Bharuch to Anand by many trains. Mostly in the morning by Gujarat Express. It is very pity to say that some of your employees are traveling in the first class with their relatives and friends daily. One man who is traveling with his lover every day in the first class without even a ticket or pass when checking the railway staff they will simply tell that staff.

    Most of the time all the seats of First class are occupied by RPF Staff and Class IV employees and their relatives. No action is taking by the checking staff. On 25th while traveling in Jamnagar intercity from Bharuch to Anand there was no space even for standing in the train. In Baroda some passengers have get down and I have occupied along with my co-passenger the seat no.13 and 14, after some time the conductor of the coach has brought two persons and asked me to vacate the seats we have vacated the seats and the squad was checking the tickets these two personals who have seated at 13 and fourteen have either ticket or rail pass. This kind of action is doing by your staff to be stopped immediately. Can railway staff make up/down and leave the Head quarter without permission? If not so how they are making updown daily from their residence to workplace.i.e from ahmedabad to vadodara.

    There was two First Coaches in Sourashtra Express now the same is reduced to one why?. This cause very inconvenience to daily First Class Passengers and season ticket Holders. The One First Class Coach reduced should be replaced with immediate effect.

    Thanking your,

    Yours truly,
    John Thomas

  • Rk
      13th of Nov, 2008
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    Today 13.11.2008 I was travelling from Delhi to Mathura on 1058 Dadar express.I was sitting in the reservation compartment as I was having MST.

    Near Kosi Kalan (UP) 4 railway reserve police official has entered in the compartment & started checking the persons which don't have reservartin tickets.In front of everybody they have snatched the money from the pockets of passenger who don't have the reseravtion tickets without T.T of Railway.

    This is our Govt who have deployed them for our help or snatching money from our pockets.Our Sr official & Mr Laluparshad Yadav should ashamed by this act.

    Sorry to say our" Bharat is Mahan"

  • Mr
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    The railway authorities did not issue the MST to me.To add to my problems they did not even tell me as in when they can do the same.I have to commute daily from ghaziabad to ITO, and being a woman u can imagine how tough it can be, without a MSt.I don't Understand that when i am paying and asking them repeatedly then why are the concerned officials not doing what they are paid for.Mr Lalu Prasad or Ms Mamta, i don't expect them to look into this, all i want is that everyone knows that world's largest railway network is also world's worst one.

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