IHOP / employment

Tulsa, OK, United States

I worked at IHOP and I want to let everyone know how they screwed me over!! I worked the night shift for 4 years. A really skanky girl named Shannon got hired and started telling the managers lies about me and things I'd said. She also proceeded to sleep with two of the managers. A friend of the manager who also is a highway patrolman started asking me out repeatedly. I refused to go out with him and told the manager to tell him to stop and to leave me alone. He refused and told me I had to tell him myself which I had already done. After I told the guy I didn't ever want to go out with him the manager that I had informed to tell the guy to leave me alone fired me. I went back in and told another manager what happened so he told me to go to another Ihop location and hed give me a good reference and I got hired at that location. Then I got hurt and they wouldn't file my workers comp. I called the corporate office and the director of franchises told me he didn't know the law regarding workman's comp in OK and he didn't care. I had to threaten to take them to court and had to report them to the Department of Labor before they would file my claim. It took a year.They were rude, and unprofessional. I will never eat at another Ihop as long as I live.

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