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Pearl city, HI, United States
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5/10/17 we are currently sitting at the IHOP in Pearl city, Hawaii. First we walked in and waited to be seated while the ONLY server in the entire place talked to a customer about anime cartoons for a good 10 minutes. He was not worried about us one bit. There was NO hostess to be seen anywhere. He finally sat us and another couple all at the same time.. I sat down in a dirty bench that made my shorts wet. The menu was stuck together with food. There was an unwashed coffee carrier on our table that had leftover coffee in it. We have now been here 20-25 minutes without any drinks and haven't been asked once about our order. This is the grossest & most ridiculous experience at ANY food location I have been to. We specifically drove here to eat at IHOP instead of dennys which is closer to home. We get this for a dinner. Not acceptable.

May 10, 2017

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