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Indianapolis, IN, United States

Date August 11, 2018 at 4:00pm
My husband and I went into Ihop on Saturday during dinner time to try on of the new burgers. Waitress Anna K 420 waited on us. I first asked for UNsweeten ice tea. and received sweeten tea. and then was told there was new tea being made. We also made noticed to how very dirty it was where we where sitting. The help complained about who was suppose to do it. We received our food, which was so very greasy. Had to ask for sauces and it just was not a pleasant experience didn't get tea until almost done, but did have water. My husband and I always go to the restaurant for breakfast and now I understand why. We will never go back and eat in the afternoon, because bottom line no one wants to work and make it pleasant. Here is information on ticket Chk 4509, The amount of the check was 26.56 and that was with senior discount. The only thing that was good was my hamburger.. Thank you very much for allowing me to tell you this.
William and Carolyn Roberts
6019 Copeland Mills Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46221

Address to IHOP Store 1298
7521 US Highway 31 South
Indianapolis, In 46227

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