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K Nov 19, 2017 Review updated:

We visited your Ihop store in the villages on Wednesday the 15th of November and started out with our server being Jessica and then ended up with a server named Erica which also did a lot of other tables. We all looked at each and observed the server Jessica just walk off and leave the restaurant while she was serving us. Overheard our new server Erica and a older lady with short blonde hair say that this is like the 9-10th time that she has walked off in the middle of her shift, that it seems to be a once a month thing and nothing is ever done to her because she happens to be the bosses girlfriend and how it won't effect her because he still pays her minimum wage until she decides to come back. My table and a couple of other tables all looked at each other like come back she left us and she can come back? This is normal? Well we aren't used to this kind of normal and Jessica ended up being rude and having bad attitude and if she didn't think that her customers were watching then she was wrong! This is all wrong and we just got in from Connecticut and this is usually our breakfast spot but not if this is gonna keep on happening. Just thought I would pass on our experience on to you!!! Thank You!


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      Nov 20, 2017

    Did you ask for a supervisor? It might not result in anything, but hearing from customers would probably resonate more strongly with management than hearing from employees (sadly).

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