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On Thanksgiving night while Black Friday shopping, my family (party of 4) entered into IHOP around midnight. There were quite a few people waiting, which is to be expected; however, those people began talking and then other people came around the corner after hearing the conversation. Everyone was saying that the prepared food was just sitting in the cooking area window and was not being delivered to the tables. One lady said that she had been waiting 2 hours and that people were getting cold food. Others were saying they were waiting an hour. One of the IHOP employees at the cash register just looked at the group of invitees and ignored us and had nothing to say. I just wanted someone in IHOP's main office to know that this was happening. Several people got up at that point and left. We were able to go down the road to another restaurant that was opened for Black Friday shoppers. I love IHOP restaurants because they are so family oriented. I just thought this was quite unusual for a IHOP restaurant and I do not want anyone to lose their job.

Nov 30, 2018

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