IHOP Restaurants / horrible customer service/staff

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I called this location this morning and was placed on hold from stonecrest mall until I arrival at the door. No one ever came back to the phone, the store was empty when I got there, Servers standing around doing nothing, store dirty, and then a little guy with a Black hat came and I ask him for a manager and he stated to me in very rude manner that I had to wait until she finish and he walked away. I became very upset and another guy came and up but never told my order. The manager was in back cooking but never came to see what I needed or hear my concern. Finally a young lady came and tried to calm me down, took my order and got me squared away. This location is Horrible and I feel this store should be closed down and the crew there should be fired. I will be calling the BBB on this location..

  • Updated by Big Dee 41, May 28, 2018

    Nothing is better

May 28, 2018
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