IHOP Restaurantsemployees/management

A guests vehicle was broken into by an off duty employee who then with an on duty Supervisor- Lisa Wixon contacted another off duty employee in purchasing items stolen from a patron in your restaurant. Video surveillance caught it all.
I was under impression at least one of the employees employment was terminated but now have come to know as fact that none of these employees have been dismissed and have since been welcomed to come back to work and are.
Really?! Does this company not have any policies or guidelines that only allow their employees to be on the property when working and cannot when they are not? If there had been none of this would be going down. All 3 of them should be terminated permantly. Allowing them back only makes the entire franchise seem like all employees are thieves and there's a bigger cover up going on. I'm reporting this incident to the Register Guard so the public knows the IHOP on Gateway in Springfield Oregon is bait restaurant to cover up for a car thieving spree amongst it's employess.

Nov 25, 2018

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