I have been IHop customer for over twelve years and recently moved to Frisco area. We went to the closet IHop near our home. There was waiting time so we registered under DAR.

My parents and I ordered as usual what we order. Initially the order was taken wrong. We order one Garden Omelette light cheese with pancakes for my parents and requested an extra plate since they wanted to share. And i ordered Country side omelette light cheese without ham with side of pancakes. And additional side of Hash browns. We requested three coffee and two glass of water. I also requested additional Country side omelette without HAM light cheese with pancakes to go.
The server brought only two cups of coffee first and then brought another one as i request. When the food came she brought two garden omelettes and one country side with ham. I pointed out both issues and she stated i am sorry and took my plate back to get it re-make.
Once it came back and I started to eat it was wrong again. The country side had no cheese and filled with creme cheese inside the omelette. I really got disgusted by then since the order had be wrong from the beginning. My parents end up eating the both Garden Omelettes.
I pointed it out to the waitress again and lost my appetite by then. I requested for the manager and spoke to Adam and explained him the whole situation. He looked at the omelette by then i had totally lost my appetite. I advised the manager to make sure my to go order is not screwed up. Adam brought the order to the table and let me look at it. Once we got home there was no syrup in the order. So i am expected to eat pancakes without syrup.

My total bill was Twenty-Nine and Eight five cents. I paid Thirty-Four dollars including tip even though i had such horrible service from both waitress and Management. Adam/Manager came to collect the check however, instead of going to register to right he took the money as he was counting and went to back side towards the kitchen.

This is my worst experience with IHop, and not only worst experience the way whole situation was dealt shows the staff chef, server and manager do not care about their customer. I will make sure my family and I and anyone i know will not be going there. As far as what happened to the money i did not receive copy of by bill.

Jan 16, 2017

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