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ICICI Personal Loan / lost my papers..??

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I applied online for personal loans, after receiving offer on my account.

after 2-3 days I received a call from ICICI Bank for the same and they sent executive to collect the papers.

At my office address Ayush and Pradeep two executives came and took all of the papers like id details, 8 checks, and othere doc.

As per them they were loging my files on 19th of april. so, they told us that our verification may be on the same day.

till 25th I did not received any call and started calling them then i came to know that they have not submitted my files and any how they lost my files.

I seems there is no responsible employee with with ICICI Banks or there is no value of their customers.

I don't know what should i do further ... since it was very urgent for me so i applied for loan :(


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      15th of May, 2008
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    Loan 1 : Mohamad Shams Tabrez - LPDEL00005647962 - Rs 1, 97, 000.00
    Loan 2 : Mohamad Ali Khan : LPDEL00005358593 - Rs 1, 50, 000.00

    The entire story is as under,

    Me and my brother had undertaken this loan in the year 2005. It all went well except for slight change with my personal account wherein I and my brother had to change our account to another bank as per company guidelines. I called up the concerned loan dept and informed them of the same but they aid it would take all the procedures to be repeated all over again for which I had to wait. In the mean time I got a call from this Collection agency located in the Videocon Tower IInd Floor. The person whom I spoke to was Mr Gurpreet, Manager Collections as per his advise I was to deposit the amounts for me and my brother since it was already overdue for some months. I responded and thereafter my money was deposited to this agency for which I have the receipts (Collector Name : Surjeet)

    Recently when I lost my father I was in mess wherein I asked for help from Surjeet for settling my personal loan. He proactively responded stating it will take some time and that he will get both of the loans settled. One month down I got a call from him whwrein he stated that he would be requiring Rs 1, 60, 000.00 to settle this account and that he would ensure that all database would be deleted pertaining to my records. I responded and then followed a series of calls between me, Gurpreet and Surjeet wherein they told me something regarding approvals for the loan amounts from their supervisors and would let me know once approved. The amount of settlement for my account was Rs 63, 602.00 and that for my brother account Rs 96, 398.00. I was advised thereafter to hand over the cheques to Surjeet on March 29, 2008 for which I was provided two receipt for the amount and also a settlement letter for my brother on ICICI letterhead.

    Rest assured I got a call from Gurpreet whwrein he stated that all has been done and I will be getting both the letters within a week but something error happened with the dates on the cheques for which I had to provide the cheques again. I agreed and then for three weeks I did not receive any call from them. One fine day I get a call from Surjeet stating that he needs to collect the cheques. I could not agree as I was running short of Rs 28, 000.00 since I had to deposit the same for my sister's hospitilization in Mumbai. I requested for some time for which he agreed.

    Couple of days back 26th April, 2008 I got a call from him inquiring how much I had as of now. I stated Rs 1, 30, 000.00. He agreed to collect the amount thereby ensuring that both the loans would be settled with this amount but he would needing an extra amount (Rs 8000.00 to provide to the person who would be providing the settlement letter and Rs 2000.00 for himself for getting the job done). When asked how would he get it done he stated that "He will take the entire amount in cash and then they will cook a story with the settlement team that the agent while taking cash back from the customer was robbed. This would take some time but he ensured that it will be done and that by Saturday of the same week he would hand over the Full Settlement letters". On 29th April he was accompanied by one of his colleagues to collect cash. I handed over the cheque for ICICI bank for the entire amount and later he stated he would come after the first to collect his part of the money and the other part. I agreed. Two days later he came and collected another Rs 8000.00 from me. I inquired about the letter he said that its been processed and he will hand ot over on Saturday. The next day he again came and stated to hand over his share. I only had Rs 1000.00 which I handed over. Following this the last converstaion I had with him was on Friday 1st May whwrein he stated that he will hand over the letters tomorrow as it was in his possession.

    I waited for the letter on Saturday but when he did not turn I called him only to find that he was disconnecting my calls. I called Gurpreet and it was the same story for almost a week. One fine day I spoke to Gurpreet and he said the letter is on its way and it will take some time. Confused I called Customer Service after having a conversation with one of my friends to know the status of both the accounts and to my shock I got to know that they had put the entire amount in account rather than the settlement plan mentioned above. I called Gurpreet daily and today I finaly got to speak to him. He said this what the plan was and that we had never come to an agreement. Also that the settlement letter for my loan is on its way and will take time. He also wanted me to pay for my brothers loan EMI Rs 3987. When I questioned about the plan of settlement that he had proposed he was rude and said "Do whatever you feel like...You can fight it out in the court".

    Based on the above circumstances need assistance from you in getting my query resolved. I had somehow managed to deposit that amount hoping all would be done but have been cheated.

    As of now I am aware that my loan account has a negative balance of Rs 73, 000.00+. Appreciate if you can apply the same to my brothers loan account as promised by the Collection agancy and settle botht he accounts.

    Appreciate you assistance.

    Feel free to let me know for any queries.

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