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ICICI Bank - Fort Branch / is icici fort branch - a regular branch or a picnic branch?

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After couple of visits to ICICI Bank (Fort Branch), I am forced to bring to your notice about the 'Lack of professional approach and Picnic atmosphere that the staff is having' towards the customers (NRE and SB both). Though I am not sure if you care to read this and take my feedback towards improving the service standards at ICICI Bank.

1. I had visited ICICI Fort branch on 16th July for my existing NRE/NRO account related work. As I wanted to open a DEMAT Account, a staff named 'Jayashree Mayekar' suggested me to open a SB account (3 in 1) hence link this account to Demat account. She took all the necessary documents from me and said I could be contacted by them in couple of days. She also gave me her mobile number to ask if I have any queries.
I got the welcome kit within 10 days, and while I was on my way back to Saudi, I called her to coonfirm if the ATM card works outside India, she sent SMS confirming 'Yes'.
As I am also facing several issues (Unresolved issues) by ICICI Bank, one of them is about the remittance of foreign currency into my account (Pending since 26th Aug for US$ 10400). I was adviced to visit the nearest branch of ICICI and submit a declaration form. The nearest branch (Mira Road) was closing at 6, but he suggested me to goto Fort branch as its nearby my place, and they would close at 8pm. I wanted to confirm if they close at 8pm (It was the last working day before 3 days holiday for Eid, Ganpathi and Sunday). As I didnt have any number to check, I tried calling and a person from Thane branch said he is not sure if Fort branch is open until 8pm. I then called Jayashree Mayekar to check if they are open until 8pm, she neihter picked up my call, not responded to my SMS.
When I visited Fort branch at 7:40pm, almost all the staff had already started preparing for holidays, the NRE counter (Pallavi Raj) had no mood to listen why I came to the branch. I requested her to have a word with Mr.Chaitanya (NRI Head - Mira Road ICICI Bank) to understand my case of remittance. She was looking like tired of working day and night, yawning and somehow decided to speak to Mr.Chaitanya. I tried to make her understand, as I had to rush to the branch to give the declaration form, I havent brought the printed copies of the supporting documents, however these softcopies I can send to you by email, or you can take the printouts. But she was more interested in buying time and suggesting me to come on Monday. I explained to her about the delay occured already, and the urgency of this transfer, then she said go outside to cybercafe and get the printouts before 8pm. (I had 9 minutes to do this)
See the way ICICI Bank is giving service to NRE.

When I started requesting her if I can send her the softcopies, she was still not ready to speak on the subject, and then she called someone and asked her to take declaration form. The other staff had also was in the same picnic/holiday mood and had no clue as to which declaration form. She started grumbling and in Marathi (Probably assuming I do not know Marathi), started asking Mr.Chaitanya why you sent customer to this branch? Why you havent taken the declaration form etc etc. Finally she somehow got convinced and took a declaration form from me, but asked me to send the printed copies of the supporting documents by Monday at 8am. As I am working, Pallavi Raj also suggested me to send someone incase if I am not able to come.
I wanted to give the feedback to the branch Manager, so met so called 'Jayashree Acharya' and told her about the negative attitude of the staff and not responding to customer calls. She pretended like listening to me, but I felt she too was prepared for the holidays. I dont know if she has taken my feedback seriously or not.

On Monday when I sent my relative at 8am to the branch, until 8:30, there was noone at the branch (NRE section), one staff named 'Ashish Mishra' was there, but was not in a mood to speak. Probably his mind was already hoilidaying/picnining. Then when my relative requested him to take the forms/documents, he said he doesnt know whats that and he cant take. When I tried to speak to him, he refused to speak to me over the phone. He is just forcing my relative to wait until Pallavi Raj comes to the branch. My relative waited until 8:45, as she too had to goto office, she then requested him to take the documents and give to Pallavi Raj, finally he took.

My experience with Fort branch sofar has been - I see a lot of 'unskilled, unprofessional people, who have no clue whats customer and whats the value of customer service'. As its been aprofessional saying 'You pay pea-nuts and end up hiring monkeys'. Do we need to deal with such monkeys? Why cant ICICI have professionals? From bottom to top at Fort branch, I could see similar attitude. They seem to be presending of understanding the customer concerns. But they are way behind when it comes to real action. Why? Can someone forward this feedback to Fort branch and propose some serious training (Soft skills mainly) to them? Specially Jayashree Mayekar, Pallavi Raj and few NRE section staff? (I can suggest to include Jayashree Acharya as well to this training).

I am sorry to sound frustrated, but I thought this shouldnt be repeated.

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  • Aj
      29th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    yes pallavi is responding to queries.she said me that she will do my remittanceby today but she deliberately done after 3 days.

  • Aj
      29th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    i mean pallavi not responding to queries she delays work deliberalety.

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