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cancellation of card without any specifaied reason

Dear Sir/Madam,

I m carrying a Credit card of ICICI bank with following details.

Card No.:[protected]
Valid Till:07/11

I have got many schemes activated on this card such as my medicalim insurance provided by ICICI lombard & other EMI schemes were running which are closed now.

Before two months i have received statement of my card with credit limit of 17000 where as the original credit limit was of 49000.The card was issued to me with another credit card in 2007 in lucknow with another card no.[protected] with credit limit of 51000/-.

The card which ends with 1000 was closed in early 2008 by force by the bank.They haven't provided any details of dues or min payments personally or in terms of mail/call. They have started calling me for the recovery directly & started calling my family directly & scesed my salary account with ICICI bank.The account No. is [protected] & holded all my savings/ salary for no fault of mine.Apart from this the manager who was handling the department named Mithilesh jha was thretenning me to call my office superiors and pressurised me to pay or else they will declare me defaulter at my work place & to the credit beauro of RBI. And this was not all they have called my family members & thretenning the same to them.

My question is, if they could contact me for the recovery why not contacted me for the repayments of the card????

There was no right to contact my official relation or to my superior while they were at guilty.

Now after two years they have again done the same they have decreased my credit limits for the card which ends with 0000 & not they have started recovery of the same.

I m also not willing to keep any relation with such bank who keep changing rules on its own for his customers.I m ready to re pay the dues to the bank but following questions must be answered.

1)I need a writing letter from the Bank that they are closing the card on their own without any mistake of mine.
2)I need report from credit beaurow of RBI stating that ICICI has not reported any fraud to them regarding my credit report.
3)I will pay the out standing only without any extra charges.
4)All my relation with ICICI to be closed with no due certificate from ICICI.

Apart from this, please assure me that bank will not herrase any of my family members in regards of payments of the card.
I will close all my accounts of mine with ICICI bank on the confirmation of bank to me.

Amit Poria.

  • Fr
    frank stuart Sep 12, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ###ing ###..u r posting ur card detaisl...anyone can misuse it... dumbass

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non refund of credit card

1. MY father Late R K Sahay had taken VISA card ([protected]) & VISA Electron card ([protected]) from ICICI Main Rd Branch Ranchi Jharkhand.Purchase of Rs 4000/- was made on the card in the yr 2007.
2.The card holder expired on 05 Mar 09 due to sudden kidney failure.Since then we are trying to return the card to the bank at Ranchi.They are not willing to take over the card back .Recently the bank has forwarded a SMS asking Rs 11000/- including interest.However the bank officials are not able to inform the date and place where the said expdr was made.we are willing to submit the card and also pay the money but wish to pay the interest till Mar 2009 as we had approched for cancellation of card but ICICI Bank Main Rd Ranchi was not able to do the same due to ignorance of rules at their end.
3. In view of above it is requested a suitable amt be asked (with full details) keeping in mind that the card holder had already expired and both cards be cancelled at the earliest.Or else we may approach Consumer Court for justice.

I believe they are the biggest fraud bank of India

In the year 2006 I was using a credit card of ICICI bank, and lost the same on my way to office in Delhi metro in dec 2006. I have complained regarding the same from a near by ICICI bank ATM center to their customer service, and asked them the block the card and sent me the pending billing details if any in my address. But they never sent the same and never called me back regarding the same and in the mean time I got transferred to a new place. Now all of a sudden in august 2008, they deducted around Rs.7000/- from my account without any prior information to me. And then they have made no communication about the same, now againg all of a sudden I got a call from one of their advocate, name Ashok Jaitly, that there is a non-dailable warrant against me, and the person started calling my family member on my home phone and on my mobile phone, started threatning them and me, putting us under huge mental trauma, so many times i tried to explain them why there will be any pending after 3 yrs and not only that when the bank deducted Rs.7000/- from my account then how there will be still any pending amount. But they never stopped doing the mental black mailing, so i decided, to settel the same as per their terms, then the advocate (Ashok Jaitly) asked for Rs.20, 000.00 should get deposited in the card account, and the moment it would be done he promised me that he will send me the total settelment letter. Though before doing that I asked him for the pending credit card bills for that C.C. No., but he did not provide the same, and againg started threatning my family and me. So on 30.03.2010 I deposited the same amount and sent him a scanned copy of the deposite slip as per as his requirement. Then he supposed to sent me a full and final settelment letter, but on receiving of my mail he switched off his mobile, and not even given me any settelment letter.Currently I stay at Patna, and the person was calling from Delhi and representing ICICI bank. I am carrying the deposite slip with me as a document. So if you can help me out to get the settelment from ICICI bank, I wil be hery thankful.

And this is for everybody: Try to avoid any transaction in financial terms with ICICI bank.As i belive they are the biggest fraud bank of India.

icici bank fraud bank

Name: Alpesh Khakhria
Loan File Number: [protected]
Contact No: [protected]
Customer Executive has not provided proper guidelines to us at any stage like home insurance(told me about insurance but not clearly how many bugs it will charge etc.., Not intemeated me before debut processing fees cheque as they commited to do the same...and also yet not received proper response... from lower to upper management...

  • In
    indian emp Aug 20, 2010

    Yes agree also i have same experience with ICICI bank. not provide proper guidelines to customers at any stage like home loan, education loan etc. also, not give best response.

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  • Am
    Amisha Unadkat Aug 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree with all of you that ICICI BANK is a fraud bank. I request all the reader please be careful with ICICI.

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  • Am
    Amisha Unadkat Oct 15, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Hi Alpesh Khakhria,

    Are you refund your Money from ICICI?

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Resolved fake sms by tm-icicibnk

on date 8.aug 2010 on my mobile number [protected] a numer of sms send by TM-ICICIBNK .the context of msg is that the add, pnt num, pin code &phone num of card no-5xxx3009 is changed on my request.

now the problem is that nither i have any bank account in icici bank nor i have any credit card . pls clerify that what kind of msg that is?

waiting for u rreply


  • Am
    amit ahiniya Nov 11, 2010

    same this happen with me i got sms from LM-ICICIBNK saying my personal loan amount is due
    but i never taken any kind of loan from icici bank even i dnt have account in icici bank
    then why this sms delivered to me. my no is 9327025600 sms received on 11/11/2010 at 9.04 am
    Plz Clerify

    amit ahiniya

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  • Sb
    SBS Chauhan Jul 04, 2011

    I also get same message from LM-ICICIBNK stating- "Amount 81329 on your loan LPxxxx3045 is outstanding since a long a time. Please contact our customer care." on my number 9891164016 at 04 June 2011, yet I never visit/interact with ICICI regarding any loan purpose.

    Please resolved this problem and contact me ASAP.


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Resolved qabchgs

QABChgs deducted by ICICI Bank

I am the a/c holder of ICICI Bank from last 3.5 years, i am having a minmum 5000 a/c, Now they have started charging Rs.827 under this category (QABChgs). I am not aware what type of charges are these. They never informed me regarding these charges either by Email or by Letter. Who has given right to ICICI bank to deduct the money without informing us. Because we kept the money in Bank that give right to Bank that they can do anything whatever they want.

There should be some formal process for doing all these things. I want my money to be credited in my a/c which they have deducted twice from my a/c.

A/c No: [protected]

Sr.No Date Description* Cr/Dr Amount
09/07/2010 QABChgs, apr-jun09+ST77 DR INR 827.00

Kindly help in getting my money back.

Munesh Rana

icici has deactivated my online demand account for some reason

My experience with ICICI Bank is very bad. ICICI has deactivated my online demat account (AC No [protected]) for some reason and I have talked to about 10 customer service but who have no idea why it was deactivated. I had a urgent need of money and needed to send rupees but my whole money is locked in modify allocation of my account but even after 6 days back with them to get my online account activated they haven�t still made my account active. Initially, they started saying it can be done on phone itself and I have been checking everyday to see if my account is activated. After about 06 days or so, someone told me that this cannot be done on phone and they have to do identity verification and asked me to send email to [protected]@icicibank.com and I did. They asked me to send some details about the account - like account number, ARN No., Bank Account No, Date of Birth etc. all. So I sent them e-mail with details and then for about 3 days there is no response. I had to call them again to talk about it and most of the guys I talked said they cannot do anything other thank noting down the problem.

  • Ba
    Batul Jun 12, 2015

    I am having Account in ICICI bank as Salary Ac and there is no transaction is my A/c still activate..plz let me know its urgent

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  • Ba
    Batul Jun 12, 2015

    Please let me know whether my Ac is active or not as i have no transaction from past 4months and it is a salary A/c.

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change of address and tds certificate


I have a NRE and NRO account with your Nariman Point branch. I used to reside in USA till Nov'09 and moved to Canada in Dec'09. I was in the process of changing my address when I received an email from Deepak S Vargheese, head of NRI services and global remittance regarding submission of forms and documents under RBI's mandatory Know Your customer. I duly filled in the form and along with the supportings mailed to the address mentioned in the email. This was all done in Dec'09.

As I did not receive my TDS certificate from ICICI for FY [protected], I contacted the customer service number and they informed me that the certificate was despatched to my earlier US address. When I mentioned that I had sent the address change form etc to the PO Box address mentioned in the email, the person said that the PO Box address is only for domestic account holders and NRI's should send the documents to the Branch directly.

I sent the documents to the address mentioned in the email. How on earth would I know that the information in the email was incorrect. I have to file my returns by 31st July and I don't have the TDS certificate. I have been trying to get in touch with Nariman point branch but even after spending couple of hours daily for the past 4 days, have not succeeded in getting a response. I have also tried the cell phone number of Suparna Kothare - operations manager of the branch. Either the phone is busy or its not picked up.

I am not sure how to get my complaint across to them. It's frustrating in the sense that, they are very prompt in charging the fees and sending email about new products but not on issuing TDS certificates. I had to request the certificate through the online site.

I hope somebody responds to this complaint.


no tds certificate

I bought some icici tax saving bond that matured this year. maturity amount had TDS cut, but no TDS certificate given to me. I have registered an issue on this on 30th May but still no response (after 1 month). i have sent 3 reminders too, but still no response. I am unable to file my returns, unless I forget the TDS deducted by the bank. Its very sad... mail the bank through the mail system in the website and there is no response. Call the bank and they say.. sorry... systems are down, cannot verify..

They say a lot of things on TV about taking care and they did take care until recently... have they become too big that they do not care for their customers anymore?

  • As
    ashishhcl1 Jul 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I did write email and I got the same monotonous answer - we have sent you the initmation which is the proof. I DID NOT RECEIVE THE INTIMATION... do you folks understand that and can u folks please send me the intimation!!! huh... sad.. a reply after 5 days and a same monotonous reply...

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  • Ic
    ICICICustomer Jul 18, 2012

    The ICICI customer service is a bunch of brain-dead ###s. Here is the response I got when requesting for 2011-2012 TDS certificate by email:
    We would like to inform you that we would be unable to send the TDS certificate through e-mail.
    We request you to write back to us with a self declaration stating for the TDS certificate for the financial year 2009 - 2010
    "I confirm that I have not received the original TDS certificate and I will not claim the TDS twice".

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Resolved threat email from icici

Sir/[protected]@ ICICI Bank 1 I never opened, account in your bank, in my life time, & I do not want to open a new...

fraud by icici prudential agent and need urgent assistance

I gave a cheque of citi bank no. 055787 dt. 19.3.2010 for Rs. 35000/- against the renewal of the premium of my polcy no. [protected] to Mr. Satvinder Singh, the employee of the ICICI Pru, Netaji Subhash Bose, Pitam Pura Branch. But inspite of depositing the amount against my policy he opened a New Policy No. PP37817393 against my husband's name e.i. GopalKrishan Arora and not renewed my policy.knowing this fraud my husband went to Branch office. The staff told him to fill the surrender form, give the cancelled cheque & account no. & you will get your amount Rs. 35000/- back with in a week. He did the same but till date we have not received our amont back. inspite of depoiting the amount in our account they had deposited this amount to some other bank. Please look in to this matter. We need urgent assisstance againt this.

  • Ku
    kunal deshmukh Feb 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please send us detail about this matter i am hadling this issue in Priority kunal deshmukh
    [email protected]

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  • Vi
    Vishal Mahajan Jul 01, 2011

    ICICI Prudential is fraud company who has no control on mis-selling ...they suck


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Resolved updating wrong adress and mobile no. without any address proof

I am receiving credit card statements, phone calls and massages on my mobile no. [protected] and at the address c-3, shatabdi enclave, sec-49, barola, noida-201301 from last few months for payment of credit card no.[protected] which is in the name of mr. Rajeev kumar.
It is to inform you that any person having name "rajeev kumar" neither living at this address nor had lived. I am facing a lots of mental harrasment because of your unwanted phone calls and massages, infact I am not using any icici bank credit card nor I have used.
Moreover, I am surprise to see that how could you mention this address in your records, since I have not given you any kind of address proof.

Therefore, you are kindly requested to stop sending any kind of massages, phone calls and credit card statements at the above mentioned address, otherwise I have to sue your bank in the court of law.

excuses and delays

I have never received any kind of satisfactory service from ICICI Bank - that bank has "Midas touch" in reverse. It will spoil any thing its people touch. I have had to put up with a lot of things. How ever I must say that when I had weitten letters to the people given below - I did get some kind of service at snail's pace - for eg I could finally get my ATM pin after 4 months. Activation of the card took 3 months etc., but at least it happened - the latest - they have locked my online access and they say it will take 6 days to unlock it - till then I am supposed to twidle my thumbs or travel with my ATM card or use cheques. However to help all of you who have the complaints the details are as follows:

Head Branch Banking:
Mr. A. Kamani
Joint General Manager & Head Branch Banking
Telephone No.: [protected] (Monday to Friday, 9:15 a.m. To 5:15 p.m.)
E-mail address: [protected]@icicibank.com

Head Credit Cards:
Mr. V. Prasad
Joint General Manager & Head Credit Cards
Telephone No.: [protected] (Monday to Friday, 9:15 a.m. To 5:15 p.m.)
E-mail address: [protected]@icicibank.com

Head Home Loans:
Mr. S. Sehrawat
General Manager & Head Home Loans
Telephone No.: [protected] (Monday to Friday, 9:15 a.m. To 5:15 p.m.)
E-mail address: [protected]@icicibank.com

Head Agri Banking:
Mr. S. Mantri
General Manager & Head Agri Banking
Telephone No.: [protected] (Monday to Friday, 9:15 a.m. To 5:15 p.m.)
E-mail address: [protected]@icicibank.com

Head Consumer Loans:
Mr. R. Narayanan
General Manager & Head Consumer Loans
Telephone No.: [protected] (Monday to Friday, 9:15 a.m. To 5:15 p.m.)
E-mail address: [protected]@icicibank.com

Head NRI Banking:

D. Varghese
Joint General Manager & Head NRI Banking
Telephone No.: [protected] (Monday to Friday, 9:15 a.m. To 5:15 p.m.)
E-mail address: [protected]@icicibank.com
You may write to Business Heads at:
C/O Complaints Department
ICICI Bank Ltd
ICICI Bank Phone Banking Centre
5th Floor Md. Illayas Khan Estate
Road No. 1, Bangara Hills
Hyderabad 500034


Resolved non-refund of money


I want to share my harassment that I had faced after buying ICICI Pru ACE(an ULIP) from ICICIPru life - Policy No "[protected]".. In their website it was told online buying with four easy steps - but after buying and online deduction of Rs. 18000/- nothing was easy.

After I had submitted all my documents as mentioned in the website, for no reason the policy was withheld for a month. Nobody even cared to inform me. Later when I enquired I was told still some documents missing and again.

Already frustrated by their inactive nature, I applied for cancellation of the policy. But then the real harassment strats. I have submitted my application in early May and I was told it would take around 7 days. But though it is almost a month I had received nothing. Nobody is telling me what is happening, whenever I contact ICICIPru helpdesk, they tell me they tried to refund the money but it was rejected by the bank and they don't know the reason. When I contacted ICICI Bank where I had my account with the PRN number provided by ICICIPru I always got the answer that no transaction was made to the bank.

I am totally frustrated now. I have send at least 30 mails and made 15 phone calls nothing had happened, All I receive is autogenerated respons ids and nothing after that.

Can you please let me know how can I get my money back and find some peace of mind?

Ahirjoy Biswas

  • As
    Ashish Khare Sep 15, 2009

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    I want to lodge a Complaint of cheating / using unfair trade practice by ICICI representative.

    I received a call from an ICICI Pru Life representative (in Dec'08 / Jan'09) that my policy is selected for some kind of upgrade product. wherein a new policy will be issued to me and my old policy will be discarded. I was explained the benefits of the new policy and was convinced for this conversion.

    The representative visited my residence and collected the original policy documents explaining that these would be needed to be cancelled and in place of it I will be issues a new Policy. The new policy documents will be sent to me through courier.

    I took his number to enquire about the status and gave the documents.

    Since then I have tried numerous time however the number does not work.

    My ICICI Pru Life Policy Number is 01570317.

    I have tried to register a complaint through the customer care services however they did not register it instead explained that I should visit the nearest branch for help.

    I am unable to visit a branch during week / working days and the office is closed during weekend.
    Despite my attempt to reach the office on a saturday they did not entertain my request as the appropriate person was not available.

    I doubt the representative who had cheated on me may withdraw my money from the policy.

    I checked with the customer support and till Friday (Sept 11, 2009) the money was not withdrawn and my policy was stil in my name.

    Cancellation / withdrawl requets for my policy should not be accepted without my presence.

    Please send me another set of documents of my policy asap.

    Can someone please help me register my complaint and issue a complaint number.

    Ashish Khare

    (My ICICI Pru Life Policy Number is 01570317)

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  • Is
    ishwari datt joshi Sep 13, 2010

    iam appling icicipru assure wealth super plan policy no. 14310900 dated 13.7.10 iam not reciveing my policy bond iam not satisfied your service pl.arrange immeditly my policy bond

    with regard
    ishwari datt joshi
    mob 981199530

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credit card fraud

Dear Sir,

It's in sheer helpessness and frustration that I am emailing you as I have no idea what other steps I should take.
My ICICI Bank Credit card was misused on the 12th December 2009 and frauddulent transactions made between the 14th Dec and 15th december 2009.
Despite immediately contacting ICICI Bank credit card customer care department, to report the fraud and have the transactions cancelled, ICICI bank creddit card depratment chose to sleep on the issue and since then have been harassing me telephonically, and by email, to pay for the disputed transactions.A visit to the cyber crime cell too has given much recourse, as they say they do not deal with credit card fraud, even if it is online pyrchasing??What is cyber crime then besides hacking...Is this not a form of hacking? Or is it an inside job of an ICICI employee??The total fraudulent charges was InRs 62761/-.Now with the so called Interest this amount is INRs 78000/-.
Does this mean we are all at the mercy of the banks and their credit card departments and their collection agencies??
I have in the past few months been getting abusive and threatening calls from the collection agencies of ICICI bank credit card department, and these calls have now increased and have started to disrupt my office and home.
I sincerely seek your assistance here to help me stop this harassment once and for all. Not just for me, but for all innocent credit card users of all banks, who are victims of these so called credit card frauds.

I will be glad to provide any further information required by you in this matter.

The telephone number of the ICICI collection agency harassing me at the moment is (022)[protected].The person who called gave his name as Vijay Sharma(no doubt fake) .

Thanks for your assistance in advance.

Your's Sincerely,
Francisco de Sales
Mob: [protected]

  • Ca
    Capt subodh kumar awasthi Jun 08, 2010

    i dont agree with your comment. you guys are without heart and not intrested in solving the problem. this gentleman has reported immediately when this incident occured, he called up all possible places, he got everything in writing and on mail. What he got in bargain was he got abuses, mother ###er/ sister ###er and other dirty worrds. Even i also took the phone from his hand i shouted that idiot from my heart.

    You guys should do some ground work before employing people, so called recovery agents. Aslo please check the credentials of the person.

    He can easily pay, but why he should pay that money which he has not spend. he brought this to oyur notice immediately but you guys kept sleeping on that.

    We all know this fraud is internal affair, and its quite common in ICICI, probably all you are having some internal share.

    Hope one fine day you will realise to hurt someone.

    We will also not leave any corner to bring your dirty picture in public and media.

    Thanks/Capt Subodh

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Resolved credit card settlement fraud and mental harrasement

Dear sir,
My name is pooja pandya and I am reside at india, in the year 2007 to 2008 I was the customer of icici bank and was using there one of the product credit card. I got this card on 2007 and they send me the card without my permission at my home after date I was using the card but after one statement they stopped to send me the statement, I raised the complaint to there customer care department and gave them my address and my email addressee but there was no result they put all the complaint on back burner.
After that I received a call from icici bank about my minimum dues but because of lake of statement I was always be unable to paid the amount then they gave me suggestion to send there agent at my working place and I was used to gave them payment of amount 2500 per month as my minimum amount on cash basis and the used to gave me a slip for that. I done that payment 7 times. After september 2008, I stopper the payment towards icici bnak because on that time I want to saw my statement but there agent name mr. Pathak from united services offered me for full and final settlement of my outstanding amount. I spoke to customer care of icici bank and after some negotiation they ready for a amount of rs. 18000 on 24 th december 2008 in two installment, then after few days the same agent came to ma and demand for the money I told him that I am going for the full and final settlement then he replied me ok madam you have to pay 18000 in two installment after your last installment you will receive noc from the bank, but if you want to settle the amount in one lumpsum installment then you have to pay 15000 cash and after 40 days you will get the noc from the bank, after the conversation I gave him 15000 cash and at the same time I asked for the slip or letter but he told me that the settlement letter and noc you will receive after 40 days by the post, he is not able to give you the letter, he gave me slip and told me that now my account was closed.

In between I was waiting for noc and called that person for noc he told me it will come by post, after 40 days again I called him but these time there was no response from there side infect I raised a complaint about these to the bank but again no replied.
Meanwhile I neighter received call from bank nor any statements

After 2 years now again they are calling me asking for the money in term of 35000/- full and final settlement, start abusing me and my family, agents are visiting my inlaws family, while I am not living with them, they are mentally harrase me like any thing told me to sold your body part and pay the amount and many more, I raised a complaint against them but there was no result.

I am very afraid by these calls I am living alone in mumbai and right now looking for job, even my financial situation is very poor I am not able to earn money so how can I full fill there demand as I told them about the payment which I have done on 2008. But icici bank and there agent are not ready to listen any thing they are asking for slip which I have received fro the agent in 2008 but right now I do, may be its misplaced some where, I request them to find the agency but they are not ready to help mi in any manner.
Now I am very frosted by such calls and need your help.

I hope you will provides me the help.

Pooja joshi
Icici card number ####

Resolved wrong deductions

Dear Sir,
I am a ICICI Credit Card holder of credit card No.[protected] which is valid upto 12/12. On 11.05.2010 i received a SMS message on my Mobile Phone No +[protected] which read as" a transaction of USD 69.99 on 11-May-10 on Card No.XXXX9006 is made at MACAFEE.COM" whereas no such transactions were made by me. Kindly investigate how this transaction was effected and the amount be credited to my Credit Card account.

Jodh Singh Saini.

  • Wa
    Walt Lane May 27, 2010

    Please tell me you didnt just put your credit card number, with expiration date, on the internet for the world to see? No wonder there's charges on there that you dont know. Seriously, you cant be that dumb.

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'icicicare=[protected]' icici bank credit card sunday, may 16, 2010 4:12 am

Dear sir

To whom so ever it may concern
Last and final letter in understanding and acceptance by you final with immediate effect.

Imran sathi
Office of head customer service
Icici bank limited
Re: 'icicicare=[protected]' level3complaint/ credit card

Surender thamishetty
Customer service officer
Icici bank limited

Sangeetha rachintala
Customer service manager
Icici bank limited

Jack solomon
Customer service officer
Icici bank limited

And anuradha. nodal officer dept.
Anuradha m
Office of head service quality

And others

Consumer forum and complaint india

Last and final letter from this tired old man a senor citizen last request.

Very sad that you are not reversing or reverting all your charges. we hope it will be done with immediate effect on receipt of this letter and you will surely do the needful and this my last letter and wont expect any response or favor or any change in my thought whatsoever from my side for sure and this will be assumed as a acceptance from you, from this 63 years old not earning man a senior citizen of the republic of india

Also we are not receiving your statement and so amount is regularly paid after due date as you can see our records for payments in cash as the statements are not received as per the rule of statement with in the due date so charges are invalid. send me statements from the incorporation of credit card till date so that we can view and identify and minus all whatever charges finance charges you have incurred on my balance and all miss. charges expenses wont be paid by us for sure and are unacceptable in any form only credit balance of used amount minus the minimum as well as whole money paid will be paid.

We got a response from your team to settle the account full and final at rs. 20k and no calls harassing us as well, as letters will be posted to you this was their promises from collection dept. and left us for to make our decision and they were expected to come with written on an legal agreement letter mutual benefiting both parties and clearly removing name from cibil as well and waiving clearing all charges and finance charges put on our account with immediate effect and as settlement full and final with immediate please confirm your response on this update and were asking cash for the same and here we hear a different response from
Anuradha m
Office of head service quality
So make up your mind to one and now we don't trust any department and when we shall pay full and final ie., only the money we spent excluding not included all your exorbitant charges and finance incurred upon us without our consent and cost of our balance increased from mere rs 1900/- to the current outstanding is not acceptable to us and it will be waived off immediately on receipt of this letter/s.

We hope you would meet the above explanation with understanding and acceptance.

So late payments charges are invalid and your interest charges are not acceptable in this case scenario all the charges has to be waived actually with immediate effect and we regret writing this being the most respected and our credibility is clear and sound see for your self our efforts in paying your only the money that your credit card paid for us ie., only the principal amount of the expenses and we keep faith and we also paid regularly with out statements any money your collection boy gave us, and now after such along relationship and such an old non earning customer at an age 63 years plus, we still fail to understand our request not dealt properly even by nodal officer department and working customer care which are poor in their responses of what is our demands and they don't meet the same.

The finance charges service taxes interest collection fees are unacceptable to us and also we have clearly complaint for the same the moment we came to know about these charges being levied every month and recurring interest late payment charges and collection fees and other hidden shown charges charged without our consent and permission and your stubbornness on not reverting or taking back all these charges resulted in we stopping all services and ending our relationship with your company credit card and the attitude and stubbornness and way of speaking by your customer care has been already reported to you and other forum and respected panels looking at the responses and working in this credit card company, always time to time and we the customers who have long relationship with you face the music and have to pay the price for your habits and poor bad customer care department will be levied.

We regret to write as we want to solve the matter by paying only what you deserve that is the money you blocked for only the expenses and once again we can only do one thing and will keep on doing the same and stick to request for an immediate waived off all charges immediately and with immediate effect on receipt of of our letter/s and send your full statement from incorporation start of this credit card so that we can point out only what we have to pay that is the money you have blocked for us for that particular month and without any extra charges what so ever with and only after minus sing the regular payments you received and we paid blind folded without statements each month by trusting that our payments are received by you on time each time your man came here to collect it and also when we came to know about our principal charges going from 1900/- to the current amount is shocking and completely not acceptable to us or any consumer on consumer forum and complaint india forum.

Yours truly,

Your still unsatisfied long relationship holding,
But not presently your credit card customer
-complaint consumer forum

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    consumercomplaint52 May 26, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they are fraud and always take every thing in writing even while paying full n final they harass for payments with dire consequences and goons and gondas very bad name in market all products are fake.

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life stage policy harrasment

My mother Dr. (Mrs) Bharati Prasad was mislead by an ICICI agent Abhishek Pandey in Ranchi into the Life Stage Pension scheme. He told her that it is a one time pension scheme and invested part of her money into the Life stage pension fund. The policy number of this fund is [protected] and the premium amount was Rs. 1 lakh every year, which was paid by ICICI cheque # 704414.

The policy was signed on 7/12/2017 and the documents were later received by the security guard of our colony in the 3rd weeks of December 2017. Since my mother was out of town she was not able to respond to the policy within 15 days of receiving the form, and she received the form in the 2nd week of January.

Thereafter she has made several calls to the insurance agent as well as the customer care at ICICI prudential and none of her requests have been addressed.

Through this email I would like to make a formal complaint regarding this behavior of your customer care and would like to seek some advice from other people who might have faced similar situations.

Piyush Kumar

  • Re
    Reet Pundir Feb 10, 2010

    We have given all the documents for make our pan card for claim an insurance but your broker had not submitt original docs to you he made a fake driving licence.We have our original docs like Ration card and other docs which you want most. Now we want our mediclaim kindly attention on us.

    Clint name - Anil Kumar
    Phone No - +91-9569763325

    Please give us our claim because we have not any fault in this matter it is your broker that play a game with us and also with you.

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noc not given

ICICI Bank, Two Wheeler Loan.

Not giving NOC:

I have taken the Two Wheeler Loan from ICICI Bank My Loan No. LTCHE00005358690. I have paid all Installments. I am Praying God to get the NOC from ICICI Bank.

My loan got cleared on 10 June 2007. I have started to Follow Up with ICICI Executives to get my NOC from since 2 months.

I have called several times to customer care.

1st time--> I was Confirmed by the Executive that my Loan got Cleared and I will be getting the NOC with in 8 Working Days 15 days I waited till 8 days to complete . I didn’t get NOC. Then I again called.

2nd time--> I came to know that I need to Submit my RC copy since my Vehicle Number didn’t Updated in the Records First Time when I called to Customer Care no one Updated me about the same.

I waited for a week time and won’t get my NOC. It’s very frustrating for me. How can I get my NOC? So, how long I can wait.

And also I didn’t get the NOC till Date.

So, kindly give me the NOC as soon as Possible. And get back to me as soon as possible.


Warm Regards,
N. Kumar.
Mobile: [protected], Res: 044-[protected]
Email: [protected]@gmail.com
Loan Number: LTCHE00005358690

Kumar N.
Old No. 3/222, New No. 3/326,
Kannaki Street,
Chennai - 600 117.