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ICICI Bank / cash deposit in packet

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ICICI Bank Mayur Vihar Phase- 1 , New Delhi 110091 branch offers a facility of cash deposit in packet to facilitate its customers not being in queue BUT the account is credited after 4 hours. Surprsingly, the facility rather proves pathetic since they have NO coordination with their clearing department. If any inward cheque hits your account, it will be bounced unpaid inspite of the fact that you have desposited suffficient amount there. Be careful in using this facility. They talk about reletionship and customer service but before returning the cheque , they do not even call you though they ask customers to write quote their contact numbers everywhere !!!

I also suffered once when I deposited a high value cheque at 8 30 AM for same day clearing and the same day a inward cheque of almost 1 /10th value of the high value BANKERS CHEQUE deposited, was returned unpaid by the BRANCH MANAGER who said , he cannot do anything until such the bankers cheque is cleared in the evening.

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  • Sm
      27th of Jun, 2007
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    ICICI Bank - dont care about data protection

    I have a vehicle loan from ICICI Bank and recently I missed paying an installment as I did not make the transfer from one a/c to another in time. I have paid every previous 8-10 installment/EMI.

    A ICICI Bank staffer calls up a few days later on my home phone number not my mobile, speaks to my mother and informs she has called as a loan amount was not paid - this is discussing my account to a 3rd person with no care in the world.

    No privacy, no data protection and no sensitivity, she then calls me on the mobile and informs me she told my mother, I asked for the final settlement figure which she refused and said sorry, I told her I would be taking action as she has contravened the Data Protection, she says sorry you are becoming angry, please forget it - we are trying to help you!!!

  • Bi
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    ICICI Bank - icici lombard insurance is put in the credit card

    I requested for a ICICI credit card on Aug'06. They have put the ICICI lombard insurance against my name and adding the amounts in the credit card. Though I have canceled it in November'06... its going on being accumulated.

    Can anybody suggest how to tackle this issue... so that I don't have to pay anything.

  • Mo
      20th of Nov, 2007
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    ICICI Bank - worst service ever!

    I wanted to open an a/c with Icici which i will be using for online trading purpose from the last 17 days my a/c has not been activated, this is the worst service provided by any bank to me. The customer service is worst. One representative will tell me something and other will tell some other thing i m just round and round no one is listening to my complaints, i m moving to Customer Court against ICICI, if anyone planning to open an bank a/c never open with ICICI worst service.

  • Ab
      27th of Nov, 2007
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    ICICI Bank - charging fees on dormant acct
    ICICI Bank

    I have two active accounts with ICICI Bank, Andheri, Mumbai branch for last 4-5 years. Then I was pushed into opening another acct. with same branch by a sales team on promotion. I never used this acct. except made intial deposit from my other acct. I verbally, by e.mail, by phone and personally visiting the branch tried to close this acct but they keep bilding a debit amount which now amounts to Rs.11,000 plus. I contacted customer care dept and the branch manager with no success. I think the bank sucks and I will close all my accts. there and transfer the biz to other bank

  • Sa
      30th of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes
    ICICI Bank - improper service in delivering cheque book and other documents delivery.

    I have given my request for new cheque book on 22-11-2007and 22-11-2017 but till date I dosnt get delivery of the same. From icici bank I get contact no. Of delivery agency, sigma. I thrisly call the sigmas executive to give the delivery of my document to me personnaly in ur office if u dosnt...

  • Ka
      30th of Nov, 2007
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    ICICI Bank - non receipt of the gift
    ICICI bank

    Dear Sir,
    This is with reference to your business promotion circular signed by Mr Anup Saha, Business Head- Consumer Cards, promising gifts on spending Rs. 5000 or above during the months of September and October. In this context, I wish to bring to your kind notice that I have spent more than the stipulated amount during these two months but so far have not received any gift.

    Please look into the matter in order to honour what your organization promises.

    Thanking you

    K.C. Garg, card # 4477 4698 3045 2017

  • Ba
      7th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes
    ICICI Bank - card cancelation
    ICICI Banks

    I was having a icici cradit card,which I cancelled few (4-5)month back.and till now date after cancelation of the card Iam still receiving the credit card statement for late payment.I did called "{online custmer care (ICICI)"lots of time to I clear all this things as I paid due amount before cancelation,there executive came to our place to take the due amount he took the total amount,and I received the confermation from the bank the thing is everymonth Iam getting new statement with late payment free and service tax etc........Iam so bugged up with this as I cancelled my card about 4 month back,that time bank didnt ask for any payment........................can sombody advise me what to do?

  • Su
      16th of Jan, 2008
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    ICICI Bank - unwanted activity of sales executive
    ICICI Prudential life insurance

    This is to inform you that in your premices there is another business (Creation of PAN card for the employees ).This is made by the person Name :Mr.Surojit , ICICI Prudential Life insurence ,VIP Branch in Kolkata (address Swastic Building ,Najrul Islam Avenue ,Kolkata-59 ).As i think in your company this type of situation should not be happened .Please do the needful.

  • Pr
      22nd of Feb, 2008
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    ICICI Bank - non delivery of password since last 6 month

    Hi Sir ,
    This is Praveen Kanoujia , very frustrated with of ICICI direct .com services.
    I raised password request through web site on 22 nov , again on 13 dec , then so many times through phone banking
    but still not able to get my password. I called customer care guys so many times but problem is still unresolved and nobody is there to listen .

    even i followed too courier company (first flight consignment no also but all are returned ).
    they were saying address is insufficient .

    then i went to ICICI office to change my address .
    they took my request a week ago .

    now when i enquired then what happen to that address change
    they told me u didn't submitted empty cheque .
    but nobody told me to submitt this cheque .

    i am fed up calling customer care guys ,
    no proper answers from there side.

    I am loosing my money every day because not able to buy/sell.
    Please help me out .

    Thanks & Regards
    Praveen Kanoujia
    Mob :- 9819188409

  • Mr
      22nd of Apr, 2008
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    ICICI Bank - customer harrasement & delibrate attempt of fraud

    I am delibrately harrassed by phone banking officer with false promises & fraudulant attempt for unauthorised charges on my credit card.

    First their courrier service deliver the statement very lates, say 20 days after the statement date (payment due date is 23 days). secondly, not to show their fault, the courrier boy signs on his own on POD. Then bank charges late fee.

    When called to customer service, telling them detailed situation, we are assured that charges will be reveresed, that means they agree fault on their part. But when statement comes, they levy another late fee for non payment of previose late fee.

    I had called bank many times & talked to alomst 5 banking officers, all assured me that fees will be revered, but everytime, new late fee has been levied over tha past non payment of late fee, eventhough all the payment for purchases & expenses are done.

    At some instance, when given reference of last call, we are told that no such calls are registered by phone banking officer.

    This is going on for more than 3 months now.

    In non of their branches, they have a counter to submit the complain for credit card issues, we have to drop in cheque drop box, that means staff can easily destroy those complains, since we dont have ackonwledgement on our complain. That's what i call fool proof method to loot customers.

    What to say, No words for their Efficiency.

    Lastly, i had sked to cancel my card, but again they informed me to cut it & drop it in drop box, so you dont have any confirmation of cancellation, again their staff can misuse your card details to do online transection & you might get payment statement for generations.

    I am totally fed up with worlds most pathatic & inefficient bank.

    I strongly recommand people to look for alternative bank, who are much efficient & honest in dealing, before signing up with this bank.

  • Hi
      2nd of May, 2008
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    Respected Sir,
    Mr. Kamlesh Manuja
    Vice President.

    As per yours latter Dt. 25 April 2017. You have asked me to enclose
    (1) Photo Identify Proof
    (2) In Patient Hospital Records (Admission notes)

    But I had already sent the document of 08 April 2017.

    Sir, After sending the document you have again asked the same document after 1 month.

    I kindly request you to do the needful at the earliest.

    I am being mentally tortured becouse of the error committed by your staff. I once again request you to please do the needful as early as possible.

    Hiren Chamanlal Rathod
    Opp. Rameshwar Tample,
    Mamai Krupa,
    Rajkot-360 001.
    Contect No. 094272 14272
    Hospital Care Policy No. 05249317.

  • Su
      8th of May, 2008
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    ICICI Bank - not updating sig in my a/c, in 1.5 yr. causing loss of money & prestige due to dishonoured cheque.
    ICICI Bank

    I, Sumit Chatterjee, holder of ICICI Bank Savings Bank A/c No: 003401048999 before 18 Years of age with my mother Mrs. Mala Chatterjee. On attaining adulthood, I had applied & became joint A/c doing all the formalities. Printed Cheque Book & Debit Card was issuied in my name, later Credit Card also been issued.

    I, had issued one cheque, to M/s Sahara India Ltd, which was dishonored and penalty was charged apart from harassment. I reapplied for updating 1.1/2 Month Back. Still Undone.

    Name printed in Cheque Book & Debit Card, without signature updating, thereafter paying Penalty, reapplying & not updated in months time, reflecting adverse picture on their services.

    Pl. Advice what to do.

    Sumit Chatterjee
    (M) 9836538485

  • Sh
      29th of May, 2008
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    ICICI Bank - terrible experience
    ICICI Bank

    I am having serious problems with ICICI bank regarding my loan repayment. i opted for ECS since 2 years and only recently noticed that the ECS is being debited from my account even before the due date. For instance my due date is the 7th of every month and the amount has been debited by the 5th of the month. When i checked with ICICI, i was informed that it's not their problem at all and as per their records it comes in only on the 7th. i have taken copies of my passbook entries and have sent it across to ICICI with their own representative. Inspite of numerous letters being sent to them with copies to the banking ombudsman, i repeatedly get the warning calls and notes from ICICI to pay the amount as well as the cheque return charges and the service fees etc.

    The battle with them is going on from May 2017, when i noticed this discrepancy. Inspite of running from pillar to post with both banks, this matter is not not resolved. I would like to know if anyone else has faced such a similar situation and what is the solution. Can i take legal action against ICICI. Please advise smb.

  • Su
      30th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I agree ICICI Bank are total and complete decoits, extract non-due amounts against threats, and muscle power. I suggest that you provide e-mail addresses of complainants, so that people can inter act with each other, and let the service be a little more useful.

  • Dr
      14th of Jun, 2008
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    ICICI Bank - is it no a robbery
    ICICI Bank

    In 03/2017, I was compiled to open a saving ac. in ICIC bank against my case of home loan, even though i was not going to repay the same from that saving account. It was a saving ac. with minimum Rs 5000 balance. Eventually in winter 2017 i withdrawn certain amount from the ac. leaving around 3000 Rs and their after i failed to maintain the min. balance.This remaining sum was debited in total and a sum of Rs 12000 is now being charged on me as negative balance and as per banks manager, now, if i want to close the account i need to pay them that fine. This is nothing but simple case of robbery.

    It's my kind request to all going through this message that any body having similar experience in the past, what exactly can be done to settle the matter.

  • Ma
      7th of Jul, 2008
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    ICICI Bank - fraudulently blocking of salary account with icici bank
    ICICI Bank

    ICICI Credit Card Division has fraudulently blocked my salary Account No. 002901524049 with ICICI Bank. The bills raised by the credit card division are under dispute. On one hand I have received a settlement letter by the ICICI bank lawyer (Singh Associates, New Delhi) who told me to wait till July 7, 2017, while on the other hand the credit card division has in-between gone ahead and blocked Rs. 58, 000/- from my salary account on July 3, 2017, which they claim is theirs.

    My card was stolen on January 14, 2017 and I had immediately called the customer care and got the card blocked. Later I received a message stating someone has used the card and made a transaction of Rs 7, 800/-. I have been communicating to ICICI since January 4, 2017 to send me the bills, which I have the right to receive in order to make payments and requested for a new card. I have repeatedly got my address and contact number change but to no vain.

    This has resulted in an outstanding of Rs 58, 000/- due to finance, late payment charges, service tax etc. which had been accumulating over the last 6 months due to ICICI’s negligence. I intend to lodge a FIR with Bangalore Police, the copy of the FIR will be sent to RBI/ Consumer Research Services in Ahmedabad, if the amount blocked is not reversed immediately.

    Ever since my card was stolen at a store in Bangalore and used by the thief, I have been communicating with ICICI's customer services for 6 months, who have taken no interest in resolving the issue. I have written numerous mails to ICICI credit card division (copies attached). But they have been procrastinating and sending me bills in hap hazard manner with no break-up and not timely.

    I have got my address and contact number changed more than 6 times, but its ironic that the recovery calls come on my Bangalore number while the notice/ letters are sent to my old address which is no more valid. I refuse to acknowledge or pay Rs. 18, 000/- being claimed forcefully.

    Although I have communicated numerous times that I am extremely unhappy with the ICICI services and intend pay the total amount spent by me and settle my account, I also I feel threatened by the recovery process and being a woman will ask for police protection from ICICI sponsored goondas.

    Mansi Chouhan,

  • Ra
      11th of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    do the procedure and just go to banking ombubsman at the end.if you have a lawer relative or friend then its simple just go to him file a complaint and go to banking ombudsman...

  • M
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    ICICI Bank - pathetic customer service
    ICICI Bank

    I had applied for a loan of Rs. 50000 at the Personal Loans department, Begumpet, Hyderabad to a loan officer named Sai Prasad. I submitted 3 months salary slip, address proof and ID proof for the same. I have a steady job with a leading software company and earn a good monthly income. As I am not a resident of Hyderabad, I asked my father's family friend to submit his papers as co-applicant. At his old age, he went to the nearest ICICI bank and deposited all his papers, because the bank refused to send anybody to collect the papers.

    Sai Prasad was highly inefficient in processing the loan. He would answer one out of fifteen calls and gave misleading information every time I made a call to find out about the loan status. He promised me that the amount would be credited in my account last Sunday. Whenever I called, he would ignore my calls and traumatize me. I finally asked him to cancel my loan if he cannot give me appropriate updates. So he went ahead and canceled the loan.

    I got a mail from the bank stating that I have failed the internal screening requirements and therefore my loan has been rejected. They cannot prove to me in what way I am ineligible for the loan. I will shortly be closing my account with ICICI and I also advise all of you to stay away from the bank.

    As for Mr. Sai Prasad, I am sure the bank is proud of having such an exceptional person who will retain more customers by his great client-servicing skills and friendly attitude.

  • Ch
      22nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    dear sir/madam,
    i am an advisor in icici pru life in cp (1) branch. due to some family problem i want to regine.
    so i kindle request you to accept my regination mobile no. is 9871493037 and my addrees is :- sachdeva hostel, room no.- 101, 3/93, laxmi nagar, lalita park, new delhi-92

  • Ra
      22nd of Jul, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have applied for ICICI Dmat account. Past 5months and I am yet to receive the service. Almost every weekend I visit the icici center only to get false promises by their employees.

    The hights: They kept my form with them for four months and my cheque validity expired and I have to re-sign my cheque with the current date.

    Basically I found that the Employees's are not educated to know the proceedings and are themselves confused. Even I found that the Center Manager "Narayana Rao" was highly confused with the proceedings. They even don't know where to take the customer's signature in the D-mat account opening form.

    This is a disgusting and most impudent customer services I have ever experienced in the corporate world.

    ICICI can't even open an account of a customer whose all the documents are correct.

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