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ICICI Bank / extremely poor customer service

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This is reference to the complaint number SR45226908 which I had registered in lieu with the loss and later fraudent use of my ICICI ATM/Debit Card on 19-11-2007.
I was informed by the customer care executive on phone banking that the closing date of the complaint is 03/01/2008.
Though I had explicitly asked if any FIR copy was needed, I was told that it was not needed. But even then, I went ahead and filed an FIR copy and submitted a copy at the Vashi Branch of ICICI along with a written complaint letter. I have the acknowledgement receipt as well of it.

Later I got a call from ICICI bank saying that a person would be coming to collect my passport-size photograph and one more copy of the FIR, which I duly handed over. The name of the person who collected it was Dheeraj Geraja who sits in the kandivali office and has the office contact number 022-[protected]. I had later called up on this number to know about the status of the investigation and I was told that the fraudent use of the card has been established and I would have my money refunded.

I called up the phone banking line on 03-01-2008, to know about the date on which I would have my money refunded as this was the date of resolution of the complaint. To my horror, the person on phone banking informed me that since they did not receive any FIR copy or written complaint, they have gone ahead and closed the complaint.

I fail to understand the working of a private bank like ICICI, where there is absolutely no co-ordination between the various departments.

I would also like to raise the question that even after filing of complaint, I never got a call from ICICI informing of its status. At least before closing of the complaint, I should have received a call but even that did not happen.

I have been haplessly calling up the phone banking line, visiting the ICICI banks and the investigation team ( of which Mr.Dheeraj Geraja is a part), but to no avail.

Please help.

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  • Ki
      6th of May, 2008
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    customer care centre. This is Mr. Kishor Joshi holding an account named Ravi Associates in your bank. My account no is R.A. 624005700159. I have applied for cheque book with a requisition slip in my branch at Bhandarkar Road Pune approximately one or one and half m onth ago. I have still not received the cheque book . I have often rather daily go to the banch and enquireabout the cheque book. I don't receive any satisfactory answer. What kind of bank is this./ I am not able to withdraw money nor able to issue cheque to my clients. It is very disguisting on your part of not serving me properly. I think this is the worst way of your banking. We have been merged along with sangli bank into this bank and w e are notat all satisfied with your services. This bank is only for the name sake. We are very much upset with such kind of services on your part. If i don't get any satisfactory reply alng with proper services i am afraid i will have to go Grahak manch with a complaint. Please do the need ful and help me out of this.

    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully

    Mr. Kishior Joshi.

  • Su
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    Customer relations

    Dear Sirs,

    Today I went to your bank in Wembley, Ealing Road and found that the bank teller Ms. Nisha Vidhani was very arrogant and rude.

    I have three accounts with your Bank two in USD with a balance of $476, 796.00 (account No. 888*********) and another $70, 000.00 a structure in singapore (Account No. 888********) and a sterling pound account with a balance of a few hundred pounds.

    Over the years I have been convinced to put a lot of faith in your banking institute compared to a lot of high street British and American Banks. Somehow all this seems to be a salesman pitch when you cannot deliver on your promises and the over all customer services are very poor.

    Maybe, living in America I have got accustomed to higher customer services and my expectations were also high when I entered your branch today.

    I waited for Ms. Vidhani to serve me; she was the only teller available at the peak hour. After I approached her, she with a sound of authority told me to get a token and I should have read the sign as I had entered the bank.
    After getting the token, I sat down patiently and waited while I noticed another lady customer upset. Ms. Vidhani was also rude to her; this ladies token number had already passed and was not served.

    Prior to going to Ms. Vidhani, I had inquired with a gentleman at the customer service desk if I would be able to draw out cash as I did not have my cheque book. He had confirmed there would be no problem.

    After Approaching Ms. Vidhani and explaining I did not have my cheque book she demanded to know why and that I could not draw cash out. After shouting at her and letting her know that I had got confirmation from the gentleman in the customer service, she agreed to make this a one time exception and she would place a remark on my account not to let me draw out cash ever again.

    I feel somewhere along the line the bank must understand that by having an account with your bank, it is we who are doing you a favour and it should be a privilege to have customers come in and bank with you. The way that I was treated, I felt like the bank is doing me a favour.

    There are many banks that are luring us with all kinds of deals to get us to open accounts with them. Give me a reason why I should stay loyal to you?

    ICICI Bank has ventured in many western countries, still you seem to have failed to give the western standard of services and training to your staff to be courteous pleasant. Tellers like Ms. Vidhani (who did not even have a name tag) give your bank a bad reputation.

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Sunil Unnadkat

  • As
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    I want to know how does ICICI Bank account holder has link with Fake U.K. Lottery scammers. Scammers instruct the target victim to deposit money into ICICI Bank and providing the details of the account owner, PAN number and name of the account holder. I have also experienced the above . As this is happening frequently and Bank high officials are aware of the above. Is that Target victims can withdraw money from Bank after sending them request for refunding the money . The people who had deposited money in the account can file a complaint in the Court for taking strict action. By doing this image of the Bank could be spoiled.Any body can see lots of complaints are posted by the various card holder against the services of the Bank and day by day complaints are increased due to poor service and they are withdrawing the services by cancelling their accounts .
    This should be right course of action, otherwise Bank will be Bankrupt and loose its assets in the market and the credit crunch will also hit the Indian Financial market.

    Ashwani Bhatia

  • Ko
      6th of May, 2009
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    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I Kousik Sengupta Customer of your Bank, A/C No 628001512259, User ID- 509016336.
    I have already registered three requests No.(SR101403044, SR102801815 & SR102365256) to get my Netbanking password through Internet banking form,
    but against this request I got the same result.
    1. (Internet banking password has been sent on 30-03-09/... to our Kolkata RMR for further despatch.You will receive it in 7 working days) dated

    30-03-09/... at 5.21pm. Now status showned closed."
    2. "Dear Mr. Sengupta,
    According to our records the Passwords have been dispatched on April 02, 2009 through MARUTI AIR COURIER vide airway bill 336299678/... the same was

    returned to us with reason " No Such consignee at the given address" and it has been destroyed for security reasons."
    B D Mahesh Kumar
    Customer Service Officer
    ICICI Bank Limited
    For your kind information, I already received my Cheque Book and bank statement before few days at my mentioned address in your record book (Vidyasagar

    Sarani, Rajchandrapur, Bally, Po Anandanagar, Howrah).

    Now I have resend an another complain in your complain database.
    I also attached the complain sheet of this complain for your kind information.
    I think you will be look forward with me and send my Internet Banking Password for above mentioned A/C No as early as possible.
    If it is not possible by you then give me the appropriate procedure.

    Message received on 06/05/09
    [Your Request has been created successfully.
    Your service request number is : SR105447157. Please note the same for future reference.
    Your request would be processed by 13-May-2009

  • Af
      22nd of Sep, 2010
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    I live in New York. I also think, ICICI Bank is the worst ever bank I have dealt with. Most of the customer care people are idiots.
    I can't wait to take my money out and run.

    The regulatory body in India is corrupt and private banks are taking advantage of it.

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