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South Africa Review updated:

I bought a Hyundai and after several e-mail to numerous people, I still did not receive any feedback from them.
Apart from the e-mails we drove through to Johannesburg where the Manager told me that he is willing to sell me a new car and would get back to me. Till today, no response.
REFER:Good day, Mr. Coetzer
I would like to cancel the whole agreement on the Peugeot BWF 069 NC. I would either like to have the full refund as stipulated in the attached document.

I received a phone call from Greg yesterday afternoon, who do not even give a person a chance to speak. I told him that my lawer forwarded the consumer act to me and he told me that my lawer must contact your lawers.

I initially suggested to pay an additional R35000 on a new I10 automatic, but am not so sure if I want to do any business with your branch.

The orignal fault on the car was the passenger door failing to open by remote. They told me the car was fixed, when we went to sign off the car a new problem was found with the door now not opening from inside (passanger) there is also a funny clacking sound (cv joints or something - no expert).

At this moment I am paying for a car I don not even have not to mention the insurance on the car.

Please revert by the latest tomorrow afternoon.

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