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Hyundai Santro Xing / crankshaft of my santro xing 2004 model is defective!

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I purchased a Santro xing from Hyundai from a Kerala dealer of Hyundai India. The product did just 28000 kms and its crankshaft failed in just less than two years time and shockingly the company is not acknowledging this fact. I request all Santro Owners who purchased their cars around November 2004 to check their vehicle. I have raised the issue with company and am looking forward to their response on this issue and have not received any response till date.

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  • Al
      27th of May, 2014
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    Dear Sir,
    I bought Santro Xing XP in the year 2004, April 2004 model,
    After only 30, 000 Kilometers i faced a lot of problem, at the time of start, engine make a noise of tik tik tik, and not start, after viewing by the mechanics, they told that there is problem in engine and after opening engine it found that valve had stucked. due to that Santro car was not starting, there is a starting trouble in Santro right from the beginning. Now again there is problem of starting is coming, if was found that now engine is not making enough pressure to start, it come to notice that now 2nd no. piston is not working properly. This santro car has just run 50000 kms. and i am fed up with this car. It cost me heavily

  • Za
      26th of Mar, 2013
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    Hi Even mine. But I got it serviced for which they charged Rs.3500 !! I now think that I would got a new one instead of getting it serviced!

  • Sa
      21st of Jan, 2013
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    Hi All
    I just went thru ur reviews about Huyandi Santro...Even I own a Santro which is 2004 Nov make suddenly there was some jerking in the car with low pickup on taking the car to service center kolkata they diagnosed that the crank shaft front socket is worn out and needs to be replaced after replacing the front socket and diriving the car for 600 kms within a month the entire crankshaft assembly broke with damaging the valves and CSK sensor total estimated cost comes to 3, 000/-.Plz let me know that after doing this repairing works does any one of you had faced any other problem, because in that case I will sell off the car.My mail id is [email protected] and mobile no 08420034429

  • Kd
      7th of Jun, 2012
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    Dear friends,
    I purchased Santro Automatic in Aug 2007, Sharayu Hyundai, New Bombay has repaired thrice gear oil leakage problem.Now the 4th time the same problem has recurred and the car is with Sharayu Hyundai.Cost of repairing automatic gear estimate given is approximately Rs.120000/-.But there is no Guarantee of smooth drive or mitigation of the problem for ever.I offered to buy a new Gear Box. The cost quoted is Rs.240000/-. I agreed for the same as there is no resale value for automatic cars due to its low average .
    But the Gear Box is not available anywhere in India and it has to be imported from Korea and the process will take at least 2 months and the company will not buy back unless I repair and give to them in running condition.

  • Ku
      16th of May, 2012
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    I hav a 2009 model santro, just run 28000km. Few days before i bring that to service centre because of poor pick up and engine noise. After inspection they told me that crank shaft bearing became rusty and damaged due to wear aand tear. Crankshaft bolt loosened because of faulty bearing and the whole assembly is damaged including timing belt. Estimated repairing cost is around 25000rs. I have contacted hyndai customer care. They didnt respond untill now. Sevice centre guys told me that there are few similar cases happened before and company didnt compensate anything. I want to go ahead with legal action if the company dont pay the repeir. Any of you tried legal forwardings??? Is it usefull to get compensation?????if so please contact me in this mail adress [email protected] n

  • Bi
      29th of Apr, 2010
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    I am from Karachi, Pakistan.
    I own a 2004 Santro Exec.
    for almost one year I am facing the problem of poor acceleration on petrol. I also have a CNG kit installed. My car ran a little better on CNG but now the condition is out of control.
    The other day my radiator fan didn't turn on which resulted in over-heating while driving on petrol. And after various regular and hectic visits to CNG specialists and re-tuning every now and then I am just sick and tired. My car has ignition problems. When in neutral, she often turns off. It takes alot of time to rev up. Some times brakes fail due to low rpm. My dashboard indicates a engine oil leak. My car AC doesn't switch on at lower RPM. It cools only when i rev up. After a little internet searching, i realized i may have a bad crank shaft sensor. The Hyundai dealers here gave me an estimate of Rs 22, 000. Most of the things included in the list of spare parts are unnecessary according to me. Such as fuel filter, air filter cover, timing belt, timing belt bearing, etc . However do you suggest I buy the sensor and get it installed by a local mechanic?

  • Sa
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    Mine is a December 2004 model of Santro Xing XP. I have similar bad experience of engine overhauling in just 37000 kms or so. The bill came to be around Rs. 37, 000 but I had to pay around 7K from my pocket and rest was covered by extended warranty. The service people blamed bad petrol as the cause, but I always used petrol from the most reputed company operated petrol pump in Pune city. By reading this post, now I realize that its some sort of manufacturing defect in the engines of Santro during Nov - Dec 2004. Although, I am still using the car, but I an really scared about a second round engine overhaul. :-( Hope Hyundai is listening...

  • Rs
      24th of Sep, 2009
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    very recently i aslo kept one santro xing in June 2009, i m worried about some crankshat and other failure that our friends have submitted here. could this new car be with improved parts.

  • Co
      9th of May, 2009
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    Dear friends,

    I just found out that my Hyundai Getz which I bought in 2004 has problems in the crankshaft. I was told that the cars that came out in 2004 had this fault and it will cost me 1000 to repair. Can someone tell me if this is true.

  • Ki
      13th of Jul, 2008
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    Dear friends,
    I also faced the same problem like crankshaft breakdown near timerbelt on 30.06.2008 (25000KM). I complained to Hyundai, but they are not responding the same. I purchased the santro xing XP from Khanna hyundai UP on 28/06/2004 bearing Reg. No UP-79 4640. Hyundai not taking any responsibility for this.

  • Nk
      17th of Apr, 2008
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    A first hand info on one of the biggest dealers of Hyundai in Chennai city - KUN. They have the most un-proffesional and worst service center at Adayar. To hand over new cars they give it to u in the worst of conditions as though it's come straight from their stock yards. To top it they get it back from their shed (so called service center) with a dent on the nose??? Obviously they arent bothered any more... "its already SOLD pal" Total disregard for their customers. Guess would have to buy / service Hyundais directly from their company oulet even though it might be 5K-6K more per car... atleast peace of mind

  • Va
      31st of Mar, 2008
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    Was planning to buy an i10, now in a dilemma whether to buy or not, and "Thomsson A Jobin "wht happnd to ur issue did u have to pay for the whole crankshaft repair.

    To add on as "Rick Vavla " said we dont have any laws which prevent these companies selling defective pieces to the Indian market. Or do we have any such laws which we are not been aware of???

  • An
      4th of Mar, 2008
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    Have purchased a new Hyundai Santro Xing XL on 19th August, 2007 from Suhrit Hyundai, Yusuf Sarai, New Delhi. After the first service it started giving me the problem of start up from mid November. I have to give the self 8-9 times after which it starts. I went to Suhrit Service in Okhla for this problem. They did some check up and reset some codes in the ECM and told me that it should work fine. But still the problem persists and it has again occurred twice or thrice. Further I went for second service and I told them about this problem again, for which they have changed the relay and said that everything is fine. Still no relief, it gives the same problem with more frequency than it used to before service and before changing the relay. Today itself, I have to give self 3-4 times in the morning to start it. In the afternoon it worked fine, went somewhere, parked the car for an hour, came back and it again started occurring.

    Can you tell me a solution to this. If not, then I have other means also, as I am really fed up of Hyundai, you people are provoking me to go to Consumer Forum for this. I’ll not spare, please mind, until I get a proper and permanent solution for this. I have already heard of Suhrit Service having many complaints and now the truth is in front of my eyes.

  • De
      23rd of Nov, 2007
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    Hi, recently I had faced crankshaft belt broken (as per mechanic) and they replaced the whole crankshaft. I brought the car in Feb'05 and done just 17500 kms. They replaced the crankshaft free of cost. But I need to check whether they have really replaced it or not ? shall I check with this any local mechanics ? is there any other problems comes after crank shaft repair ? Pls advice.

  • Ma
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    I have had several problems with my Hyundai Elantra 2006. I went for a problem with the check engine light on Tuesday 11/13/07 and again today Wednesday 11/14/07. I was told the problem from yesterday was not fixed correctly and that my car might have to stay overnight today again to fix the same problem. I need this fixed a.s.a.p. I am not paying for a car that has the same problem twice.

    Please respond to me a.s.a.p.

  • Ri
      28th of Oct, 2007
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    Hi, I have owned 3 Hyundai's and only had one problem with the computer power relay switch in my 2005 accent. After reading the complaints it sounds like the country's you live in have poor customer protection laws. Here in the USA we have lemon laws that protect the buyers from poor quality or manufacture defects. Write your local government and ask what kind of protection under the law do you have.

    Good Luck. Rick USA.

  • Su
      24th of Oct, 2007
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    Hundai Santro - not geting RC with hell of follow up

    not getting my RC even repetitive followups, i am realy harsh, but i have no option, bought form RAMA HUNDAI at okhla, pls help or i have no option,

    pls respond sson

  • Ma
      3rd of Oct, 2007
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    Hello, this is Manu Binod Aryal from Nepal. I plan to buy a Santro Xing, XL. I would like to know what are the accessories that are cost free and what are the accessories that i have to buy when i am buying a xing. By accessories, I mean: mud flap, seat cover, foot mat, stereo, aerial, etc.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thanking you

    Manu biond aryal

  • Lo
      31st of Jul, 2007
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    I bought my hyundai accent GLE petrol car in aug 2006, just after 3 months i met with an accident and got it repaired in yeshwanthpur bangalore kun hyndai service station. They took more than 3 months to repair and charged 2,80,000rs, 2.20000 was paid by insurance and i paid nearly 60000rs. Just after one month my ac completely stopped working, when i ask them about it they said get your car, we will check and let you know. After checking they said filter has to be cleaned and there is also noise in the compressor. We will replace it since ur car under warranty period we will replace it free of cost. But even after replacing the compressor again after one month ac is not working. When i ask the reason they reply so rudely if i ask to give the reason, pay and get it repaired they are saying.

    Now i don't know what to do, should file a case or should i sue the service station guys who handles customers so careless.

    Lohith - 98451 79762
    [email protected]

  • An
      14th of Jul, 2007
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    I was about to finalize and book a new Santro Zing tomorrow. By chance I happened to visit this page and I am shocked to read all the complaints about the crank shaft, rusting problems and heavy charges for repair during the warranty period. I want to know if these problems are restricted to Chennai and Bangalore alone, or if it is of a global nature. If the problems are restricted to few cities, then the dealers / service center's honesty is in doubt and Hundai Customer care should be more vigilant and truly customer friendly and take strict corrective action if they want to sustain their market share in the face of rising competition from equally good manufacturers like Suzuki and others. Fortunately or Unfortunately I have come across this page and I will not finalise the order till my confusion is cleared. If Hyundai is serious about its business, it should come out and give satisfactory explanation directly in this page and also to individuals who have posted complaints thorough return e-mail

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