Hyundai Motor Americavalue cover gasket leaking oil onto altenatot

1st time 7/16/09, 10166 miles. I lost all power to veracruz. Invoice hycs393880.
2ns time 4/25/12, 29888 miles. I lost all power to veracruz. Invoice hycs648752.
3rd time 5/07/12, 30, 917 miles. They finally replaced gasket and alternator. The 1st two times they only replaced the alternator which did solve the problem. Invoice hycs521996.
4th time 9/15/14. Finally after 7 years they had a nhtsa 14v414.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Houston, TX Which replaced the gasket and alternator again, with their fix. Invoice hycs652604.
5th time 1/4/17 64, 400 miles. Again lost all power to vehicle while driving.
Since this is and was a life safety issue and never resolved correctly, my wife would not drive or ride in the vehicle. I places a call to hyundai usa looking to discuss this matter and see what assistance they would offer. Case #9870729. This was on 1/4/17. To date I have not heard from them.

Jan 18, 2017

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