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Hyundai Motor America / tail lamps, steering, transmission, and faulty paint

1 United States

Yes I am the owner of a 2011 hyundai sonata 2.0t and I have had problems out of the car here and there since about 4 to 5 months after purchasing the car from the hyundai dealership including engine seizing up turbo charger not working and few other problems but those have been fixed for the time being but the problems I have now that haven't been fixed is my steering makes a funny noise when turning and going over bumps and I seen there was a recall on it but for some reason I was told that my car wasnt in that recall at the time I asked to have it fixed. Also the transmission makes a hard thump like noise when I go to shift from or to park most of the time. My passenger door lock does not work if I try to lock or unlock it with the key fob or the electric lock/unlock inside of the vehicle I manually have to lock or unlock the door by hand. Fourth problem is the car basically eats light bulbs I have to replace them every 2 months or so and my tail lamps/ brake lights have got so hot it has melted the harness that the bulbs and sockets are connected to which also melted the back of the bailst where you insert the bulbs and it keeps doing it I have replaced them already once and it has done it again. And since I had the engine replaced/ fixed from the recall on it now my cruise control dont work the light dont light up or anything when I try to cut it on via button on steering wheel and the engine now has a slight shake or shimmy maybe even referred to as bad vibration that is felt worse when idling in park and setting still in neutral or drive at red light etc... Also the rear view mirror is barely visible from sun damage or just a manufacturer flaw and has been that way since right after purchasing and now to the last and most visible defect that hyundai is now becoming known for in the hyundai owners reviews and boards is that my paint is pilling or popping off in spots some as big or bigger then a half dollar coin on the bumper and roof above the windshield really need some answers for my problems I feel like I bought a lemon with all the problems that I have had to deal with and still dealing with and the car has been took care of not neglected would really like to give hyundai corporation a chance to make it right before seeking legal advice

Jan 24, 2019

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