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Hyundai / Hyundai Santro / incomplete poor servicing

1 India Review updated:

This email/letter’s purpose is to demonstrate the unacceptable level of service from Trident Automobiles with regards to the vehicle mentioned above. Service levels have been on the decline ever since my Santro was purchased from Trident in May 2003. The latest series of incidents proves my point and deserves further action/resolution from Hyundai Motor India Ltd.

Chronology of Events:-

• Vehicle given to Trident service center Indranagar for routine six month check up on 07 Feb 2007. Repair Order R200701913.
• Horn was tuned but customer not informed about this at time of delivery.
• Horn malfunctions. Car is brought back twice to be fixed.
• No resolution – Customer complains that horn not working. On insistence Mr. Preetham Shetty (service supervisor) dispatches mobile service unit to customer residence and fixes horn – why wasn’t issue fixed correctly the first time around. Poor quality customer service.

• April 14 2007 – Vehicle meets with minor accident – impact into central median. Axle damaged and A/T transmission fluid leak.
• Call made to Hyundai Mobile Service. Mobile Service hand off to tow truck /crane service. Invoice No: 1156, Spot Crane Service.
• Vehicle towed to Sheshadipuram facility. No follow call from mobile service to let customer know if car has safely reached Trident Hyundai Sheshadipuram facility?
• April 16 2007 – no call from body shop re: car condition/estimate. Why?
• Body shop not aware of transmission leakage until customer intimates them. Why?
• Repeated calls made to body shop for estimate – NO RESPONSE.

• April 17 2007 – Estimate number: S200701041 received for total of Rs 3,20,386.98 – More than the value of the car and enough to buy a new Santro Xing!!
• Complaint emailed to and about the over-priced estimate.
• Standard generic response provided from care – no empathy, no one cares!
• Call received from Srinivas from the body shop Sheshadipuruam apologizing and revised estimate faxed.

• April 20 2007 – Revised Estimate: S200701041 received for total of Rs. 58,884.33 How has estimate dropped suddenly from 3.2 lakhs to 58k? Why the discrepancy?
• Customer gives ok to commence repair work April 20, 2007

• April 25 2007 – No follow up calls to give customer repair updates? Why?

• Late April 2007 – Call received from Trident Ccare asking how car is after service. Car is not with customer but still in garage. Why does Trident Ccare not have up to date information about repair status? Very unprofessional and irritating.
• Repairs carried out at very slow pace. Estimate covers replacement of axle, suspension, rims and transmission pan and gasket etc. No mention of any torque converter damage/issues.

• May 03 2007 Vehicle ready for delivery on 03/05/2007. Customer requests delivery from Indranagar location instead of Sheshadipurum location.
• Service adviser not aware care is at Indranagar location. Customer made to wait for 3 hours.
• Service adviser in a hurry to get payment. Customer insists on a test drive first.
• PROBLEM:- On Test Drive, Transmission not shifting smoothly. Why was vehicle driven a long distance from Sheshadipurum to Indranagar in such a condition?
• Service advisor Srini runs engine diagnostic – discovers problem with sensor.
• Srini not available the next day. Cust handed over to Preetham Shetty.
• Second Call received from cust care center about perf of car after repair. Once again car is still with Trident – unprofessional and irritating. Cust care and garage not synced on status of vehicles. WHY?

• May 06 2007 – Fault diagnosed – Faulty Solenoid. Part to be ordered from Chennai – Delay of 3-4 working days.

• May 15 2007On Delivery on May 15th, problem not fully fixed. Mechanics give up and don’t know how to strip transmission apart – additional costs. Mention Maruti has easier to fix auto transmissions. Cust pays Rs 55,360 RO R200702322 and R200706355. Adviser mentions it will cost another Rs 50,000 to fully fix transmission. Why was this not mentioned earlier??? If Trident Hyundai cannot fix, who can???
• Horn not working. Repeat of issue of Jan 07. Customer not happy.
• No survey provided to customer at time of payment. Why?
• Vehicle still in not 100% driving condition. After 4 weeks in Trident’s care.

• May 25 2007 – Customer checks A/T transmission fluid while engine is running and in Park - Fluid levels at the critical ‘low’ mark. Why?

• May 26 2007 – Vehicle taken back to Hyundai. Service Adviser Preetham Shetty admits A/T fluid not topped up properly when transmission was being inspected/repaired. Tops of fluid. Why was this not done properly?
• Faulty Horn inspected – Invoice D [protected] – Preetham advises replacing horn. Cust agrees.
• Vehicle driven back – Left indicator lamp not working properly. Call to Preetham – Left Headlamp assembly wiring not connected after horn replacement. Why???
• Upon customer insistence, electrician dispatched to customer residence and issue resolved. – very sloppy service and sheer negligence on Trident Hyundai’s part.


• Why did I have to inform the body shop about the transmission leak? Hadn’t they fully inspected the vehicle yet?
• Why is Trident’s follow up system so screwed up? No one has the decency or common courtesy to keep a customer looped in. The Ccare department has no clue about the status of vehicles being serviced. Obviously a reflection of the professionalism and attention to detail Trident stands for??
• Why was there such a variance between estimate number 1 and 2? Regardless of a repair being paid for by cash or insurance claim, an estimate provided should reflect the proper labor and parts charge required to get the vehicle to a 100% fit condition. The damage in my car didn’t’ mysteriously change over night.
• Why was the vehicle driven from Shehsadipuram to Indranagar when the transmission wasn’t fully inspection/work fully completed? Tirdent Hyundai caused further damage to my transmission during that drive and I hold them fully responsible for this.
• Why was the vehicle not test driven prior to delivery?
• Why was an estimate given when the service team did not fully know how to fix the problem? I can assume a FALSE estimate and promise was made to me.
• I was charged Rs 55,000 and my car is still not a 100% why???
• Why was no survey provided to me at time of payment like they usually do???
• Why was there NO follow up phone call from Ccare after delivery?? Why is Trident not willing to take my feedback? They cannot accept responsibility of their own faults and don’t want you (the manufacturer) to know this! How can this be a trustworthy dealership to do business with – NOT???
• Why the transmission fluid wasn’t fully topped up? Why wasn’t this double checked and I can assume more damage has been caused to my transmission because of this negligent behavior!
• Why wasn’t the headlight assembly put back together after fixing the horn?
• Why does a Hyundai repair team quote Maruti as having easier transmissions to fix? Should I have taken my car to Maruti for repairs? Why kind of customer confidence does this instill?? I can assume Hyundai repair folks can’t fix their own cars!


Mechanics at Trident Hyundai are NOT following proper checklists or guidelines set forth by Hyundai Motor India Ltd. Work is there for un-professional and incomplete leading to numerous customer issues after service work is under-taken.

Trident Hyundai has not been able to scale with the massive growth in sales volume. Their service centers cannot handle the load and do not have proper qualified personnel to fully satisfy their customers. The dealership slogan “Drive Home a Relationship” is thus false advertising as they cannot deliver what they promise.

What should have been done?

The customer should have been updated at all times about estimate/repair progress. A 4 week turnaround time is unacceptable considering the magnitude of damage in this scenario. Work should have been completed in 2 weeks maximum.

The Trident team should have consulted Hyundai Motor Company India Ltd and diagnosed the problem, reverted back to the customer and endeavored to fix the vehicle instead of wasting time and coming across as ignorant.

Considering the damage caused to my transmission, whilst under Trident care (driving the automobile when unfit to drive, fluid levels lower than permissible levels), Trident Automobiles should fix my transmission free of cost and pay me damages for inconvenience caused. No effort to apologize, provide a rental car or help fix the issue has been suggested thus far by Trident.

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  • Th
      9th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    It's a pity such dealerships have let you down and took time to empathize and respond. India has a long way to go with regards to customer service. Instead of apologizing to the customer and trying to rescue the situation, the dealer tries to justify actions and prove that the customer is to blame.

    They need to be responsible and fess up to mistakes and then assist the customer and change a negative situation to a positive one, to win back customer confidence. That is proper customer service.

    More people need to fight for their rights and complain in consumer court and take stories to consumer boards such as these and to the media to expose poor customer service.

    Jai Hind.

  • Sa
      28th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    Evidently this person has a lot of time on his hand to key in this long complaint, especially when he is not even the user of the car. However what he has left out are the crucial issues these are best discussed in person with him.

    The actual user, the father of this person, has confirmed in writing that he is completely satisfied with the services rendered.

  • Mo
      20th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    People should buy a Japanese car instead cause Korean cars are rubbish.

  • Ca
      21st of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    24 days ago by Samir Choudhry [send email]. Evidently this person has a lot of time on his hand to key in this long complaint, especially when he is not even the user of the car. However what he has left out are the crucial issues these are best discussed in person with him.

    How would the idiot above know about this situation and what does the owner's father have to do with this?

    Obviously this guy is talking through his behind.

  • Sa
      13th of Jan, 2008
    0 Votes

    Car freak who ever you are this is my phone number, +918023462530, if you have the balls to call me do so and not only will i show you who is talking through whose behind, I will also show you who the idiot is.

  • Ne
      7th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    The issue here is generic & we do face such problems; the basic reason being that we over-trust a certain company & just allow any representative of the company (experienced or not) to play with our product. Most of the cases, the first guy to put his hands on our hard-earned product (in this case -- a santro) is generally a new-under-training one. When a few lot of these experimental guys play hit-&-try game, do they realise that the problem is serious and subsequently the case is handed over to the seniors. Also, the problem as mentioned in the initial stages to the inexperienced guys is seldom reported to the seniors (or the more experienced). In this case, as I understand, is that the customer was really fed-up & frustrated & just wanted to take deliver of his vehicle from the service centre... for this he may have certainly signed the satisfaction slip. But please note: how can you make a customer satisfied just by getiing the car driven a few metres and getting a physical inspection done? It certainly will take a few or maybe 100 or even 1000 kms before you realise that the car is still faulty. The guys at the service centre are just trying to cover-up their mess & eventually saving their jobs. The customer is certainly not making adventure trips to the service centre-- no one wants to make a trip to the service centre unless he has some issues.
    I would request you (the customer) to take the case to Hyundai, Korea (just email on their site); better still... email (the same matter will do) to all Hyundai sites of as many countries available (get into their contact/ support/ feedback, etc.).. Then only can you put pressure on these service centre guys & get results. Hyundai is a reputed company; & remember a bad salesman does not mean that a departmental store is also bad--- fight man! fight direct!! Let Hyundai Worldwide know. Bye & Hope your issue is resolved soon!
    Neeraj Maurya, New Delhi

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