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Hyundai: If I can save you the trouble from leasing from Hyundai, then please listen carefully. I have always leased my cars. Ford, Volvo, Saab, etc. I've NEVER had an issue with a leasing company..process has been flawless. Hyundai Financial has been an absolute nightmare. At lease end, Hyundai send out a 3rd party to look over your car. There is no wear and tear allowed for a 3-yr lease. The 3rd party company spends 1 1/2 hrs going over your car with a magnifying glass (true!) and then hands you a bill for $3, 000. If there is a pen mark on your seats, then you have to replace the entire fabric on all the seats. They then tell you that this is just a guide for you to get things fixed and this will never go to Hyndai. That's a lie. We took the car to have the ridiculous list addressed, spent hundreds of dollars getting tiny scratches out, the pen mark on the fabric (there were no dents, tires were brand new, etc) and faxed over the complete report to Hyundai. The car was in such perfect condition that when we turned it in, the dealership leasing manager called the sales manager and said they needed to buy this car. A month later we get the $3, 000 bill from Hyundai. They DO NOT send someone out to look over the car after the work is done. They go completely off the original work their 3rd party sends them. We submitted our receipts 3 times and they told us they didn't like the wording on our invoices and suggested we wrote it ourselves! I said "feel free to call the company that we paid hundreds of dollars to who worked on our car 3 days"...the detail shop called us, said Hyundai was extremely rude and that was the end of that. Three months later on Christmas Eve morning we get a call from a collection agency that says we owe $3, 000. We now have to hire an attorney. STAY FAR AWAY FROM HYUNDAI!

Dec 24, 2014

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