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I have made a monthly payment to HFMC each month, and although I may be late a few days, no more than 15, they are reporting to the credit bureau that I am more than 30 days late on my account. I think there should be a law against them doing this. I am not late on my account, there are late fees that have accumulated (a total of $91.39), however my auto account with HFMC is not late, yet they continue to report more than 30 days. These people are crooks, they should be charged and held accountable for doing this. Who can I contact, or how can I proceed to investigate further what HFMC is reporting to the credit bureaus?

Dec 17, 2015
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  • Mk
      Feb 09, 2016

    Not sure if you fully understand how credit reporting works... If you are late then you have to pay a late fee... If you do not pay the late fee at the time that you make the payment then the payment is not made in full and it is reported that it is late... Since you have accumulated late fees this means that at least 1 payment is now more than 30 days late...

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