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Hyundai / damaged car delivered - verna sx crdi abs

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Worst experience with Hyundai (Advaith Hyundai, Bangalore):

I purchased Verna CRDI SX ABS. The AC stopped working on the 11th day from the delivery of the car.

The Service Manager showed that the AC compressor was damage and there is no external damage on the car’s body, NOT even a scratch.

The dealer also agreed with the fact that there is no external damage – not even a scratch on the body of the car. There is NO WAY that it met with an accident (even un-knowingly) but caused no scratch or external/body damage!! However the was not ready to accept that it’s the showroom/company’s responsibility to replace the defected part and unnecessary troubled me for 7 days.

Further to my complain mails I had meeting with The Service Manager - He was taking no grantee of what might have happened during that 75km run (the vehicle ran 75 km for registration purpose; please note: RTO is not more than 6-7 km from the showroom)

Further, he had no quality check proof done after the use of car by the dealer’s driver (after 75km run) before the car was delivered to me.

To my surprise, he (Service Manage) had the audacity to say that even if it is his guy at fault and if it was not checked/identified by me – I’m the one who will take the load of the damage.
He very continently says that the showroom’s fault will be passed on to the customer if it was not identified by the customer at the time of the delivery!!

Its not a second hand car that was buying from Hyundai that I should have taken a mechanic to check the car from inside before I take the delivery – but I guess I need to suggest my friends and colleagues to do so if they are buying a Hyundai car!!

I am surprised on how the dealer was not even taking the responsibly or even trying to investigate what might have gone wrong at their end! On top of that he had the audacity to say that as if I have ran over a human being or an animal which has caused the damage!!

I relied on Hyundai for its brand and reputation and I am astonished, on what I have got in return for the money I paid.

After many mails even till today I have still not received any explanation to how/when the damage took place and why the damaged car was given to me!!

The service station replaced the damaged AC Condenser and one more part after 10 days – however what is the guarantee that there is nothing else wrong with the car that will come up eventually!!

I’m surprised that such a used/damaged car was given to me.
I have paid 9.8 lack for this car, I have full rights to know what happened and why was a damaged car given to me?


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