Hyundai / about bad service of hyunda

 My car santro zing TN 72 AH 1062.
 Third service has been completed in Chandra Hyundai (Coimbatore).
 As the wheel alignment was not checked properly our Tyre had been damaged (1+1=2).
 After seeing the wheel alignment in susee Hyundai for 3 times our problem had not been rectified till now.
 Coimbatore to tirunelveli up and down distance is 820km.
 so to recheck in Chandra Hyundai is not possible .
 Already this problem had been raised.
 We had complain ted against this in Chandra Hyundai.
 The had changed our stepny Tyre instead of damaged Tyre.
 So 2 Tyre had been damaged.our car had run only 12000 km before so much problem had arised.
 This because of the carelessness of Chandra Hyundai(Coimbatore).
 Now you have to change my tyres instead of damaged tyres.
 I had already complaint against this in internet also to gm no action had been taken till now…………….
 As you did not take any action in this we had lot of loss money.
 As my uncle in law was died I couldn’t able to go in our own car we had arranged a call taxi which would cost about RS 15000/-for 2 trip.
 my uncle was admitted in hospital seriously informed by my husband.
 I had rushed to tirunelveli with taxi because as my car was in workshop for service.
 My uncle died on 16 December immediately I need to go to tirunelveli .I couldn’t go we don’t have car .my car was because had not been in proper condition.
 In this because of your carelessness and our loss of money is due to your company.
 please take necessary a action immediately within three days.If no reply from your side I will take steps seriously because I am suffering for many occasions of about 3to4 months after buying after buying tis car.if no reply I will take this issue to consumer court against Hyundai company.

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