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I have been trying to resolve a Credit Card Dispute with Huntington Banks since November 2016.

11/18/2016 @ 10:02 I purchased 2 Garth Brooks tickets from Ticketmaster. In the process, their website blinked on and off 2-3 different times. When I reviewed my tickets, I discovered that the tickets were on the same day as the purchase, 11/18/2016, for a location over 7 hours from my home. It was either NC or SC, I live in Northern Ky.

I immediately contacted Ticketmaster and explained to them that something had happened on their website and my purchase had defaulted to the most current location over 7 hours from my home. I was told that the event was highly restricted (whatever that means) and no refunds or exchanges. Please see the attachment for the complete conversation, hold time, etc all happened within 15 minutes of the wrong tickets being placed on my account. Also, please note, I am very familiar with the Ticketmaster website, therefore, the error wasn't on my behalf.

Once getting off the internet with Ticketmaster, I contacted Huntington Banks and started the dispute of this Unauthorized Charge (due to location). Furthermore, Ticketmaster can see the tickets were not accessed for this location.

Towards the end of December, I received a notice from Huntington Banks requesting my supporting documents and a written statement.

In January, I followed up with a phone call to Huntington. At that time, the representative told me that support had been received and would be investigated.

At the end of January, 3 times in February and the first of March I contacted Huntington again and was told (every time) that the case was "pending".

Middle of March, 75 minutes on a "wait line"...demanding to talk to a manager 6 times, I was told that the case was closed in January. I was told that I had "misunderstood" the numerous times before that an "inquiry and closed" isn't the same thing! At this time, the representative stated she would call me back in 3 days after she spoke to another manager. I am still awaiting the phone call.

I have been with Huntington Banks for over 30 years and have never received such awful customer service.

I want this dispute opened back up and I want my money back for something that wasn't my fault. I am ready to close every account that I have (as the phone representative said, do what you have to) is just unreal to me.

Huntington Bank

Mar 28, 2017

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