Hungry Jacks Glendenningunder staffed

Upon visiting Hungry Jacks Glendenning, Saturday, 2nd June 2018, at 6:02pm, i arrived to find the cue backed up to the door, and ONLY 4 crew members working. The drive thru was also completely full which is why we decided to go into the restaurant. I proceeded to wait 15minutes BEFORE even being served, and watched the poor hardworking cashier "Cameran" run from refilling drinks back to the cashier whilst one of the few members that were working stood there yawning. After finally placing placing my order, i had to push through the crowd to the right of the cashier as there was also a line forming there for people who had things wrong with their orders.. After waiting another disgraceful 23minutes we finally had our food and were ready to leave. I checked my order at the register which appeared to be all in check. We then left.. only to find that our burgers were cold!!! After waiting that long surely youd expect to have your food atleast warm! How disgusted i was with my experience at Hungry Jacks tonight! Definitely should have had more staff on. The service tonight from Hungry Jacks was appalling. However the poor young man "Cameran" should be praised for hanging in there the way he did.

Jun 02, 2018

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