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Hungry Jack's Australia / shocking service, shocking people, absolutely disgusting and disgraceful.

1 Casula, New South Wales, Australia

15 October 2018. My wife and I thought we would have some dessert but when we got to the store we said we will try the new vegan burger and then will have dessert. We had to wait to get served because there were people standing around and then when it was my turn to get served the girl behind the counter was busy and she didn't notice me. Eventually she did and i placed my order. the time the order was placed on my efpos receipt is 2110. I waited as my order was prepared. there were 4 staff members on duty to my knowledge. the caucasian female manager, a caucasian female food prep, an indian female front of house and a middle eastern looking male food prep (not sure what the technical term is). whilst waiting for my order this is what i observed. the middle eastern male's friends were in the store so the he was at the counter pretty much the whole time. leaning and chatting very casually. the other two female staff (not manager) also knew these people and at times they either also chatted and leaned on the counter or waved and spoke to the group. they had a frozen coke variety that the male staff member tasted along with the group of friends. when their order was ready one of the girls in the group asked for some salt on her chips (that they were eating) and the staff member went and added some salt but also added a scoop of fries and then they started joking that "they/I gave a dollar already", when one of the other crew members said you cant do that. after the group of friends left, i was watching while my burger was being prepared (as there were no other orders in the store or the screen), and the caucasian girl was picking at her gloves and the male was flapping a slice of cheese in the air and walking around. i could not see if he put that slice of cheese on my burger as it was just out of view. once the burger was made the caucasian female THREW the burger in to the the ready area where the front of house female bagged it. when she came to me with the burger i asked her was that the cheese that the guy was walking around with, put on my burger and she said "no, there were two slices of cheese on the vegan burger and there should only be one so it was removed". i said to the girl "i dont beileve you, i want a refund. i will go and get my eftpos card". it took 10 minutes to get the order to the counter from when it was placed for the burger, fries and the drink never came (i won it on the shake and win app). why did it took so long when it was not peak hour, its after 9pm at night. She got the manager to come round and i said to her "is this what a professional workplace looks like? your staff member is walking around flapping cheese in the air. i am disgusted and will be lodging a complaint with head office. i will also be contacting the local council and you should expect the health inspector". she gave me my refund in cash but also didn't hand me back my original reciept, hence i have no "invitiation number". the refund # is 246 and all i got refunded was the burger ($7.10) when i paid $8.10 (its short and i never took any food items with me). i think my order # was 242. staff members should not be touching other things like the counter or anything else when wearing gloves and then go back to making food. that is basic food hygiene. this is not the first time i have had issues with this store but i dont say anything because i normally go through drive-through but this is my first time i walked in to the store and it will be the last. i normally go to the hoxton park rd site and they are very good, clean and efficient. this new store is disappointing. i have just wasted an hour and a half of my life on this round trip and email and my wife and i were so upset we just went straight home. hopefully you can train your staff to be professional and efficient. one bad customer experience is not going to hurt your bottom line but i will be telling my family and friends and i will be lodging a complaint with council. i wish you do better next time with other customers, regardless of the time so other people dont feel the way that i did tonight

Oct 15, 2018

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