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Mudgeeraba, Queensland, Australia

Good evening,

First of all I'm really sorry for making a complaining but the treatment I had at the 196 Mudgeeraba Road store is unacceptable.

I ordered a stunner meal and onion rings, a nice lady at the Drive thru told me to wait in front of the store but I couldn't find the waiting bay, so I parked a little bit before it.

The manager came outside to bring my food saw me at the wrong spot and went back inside, I realised that but she didn't take any effort to walk just a little more anyway, I went to the parking bay and she saw me again and came out but as soon as she dropped the food I heard she saying that I was lazy, then I just said did you call me lazy, she goes yes!!

Ok, I let her go thinking like she might be having a bad day or something!

While I was on the way to my next job, I realised that inside the bag the onion rings and the nuggets were missing, so I went back and lost 20min of my time to try to make a better situation for both of us and she kept being an angry person, therefore I decided to get the money back and she did it.

People don't have the rights to call anyone as a lazy person, and she didn't apologise for that...

In my very honest opinion, this lady might need some help because I believe everyone can have a seocond chance!!

Apologies and thank you ver much

May 2, 2017

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