Hungry Jack's Australia / burger lacking ingredients

Melbourne, Victoria, AU

Hi There
Last night (18/11/2017) I went to your Scoresby Store. I never have a problem there and it's usually been my favourite in regards to burger quality. However last night was different. I ordered your new Caesar Tender Crisp burger to try it out and was very disappointed. You can see by my picture I only got one piece of tomato, tiny sprinkle of lettuce, a tiny pinch of parmesan cheese and barely any sauce. Once i got home and saw how little was in my burger I ended putting in my own extra toppings from my fridge just for some flavour.
I choose hungry jacks as my go to fast food place because you've never held back on burger toppings. Please don't make this a thing now.

Hungry Jack's Australia

Nov 19, 2017

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