Hungry Jack's Australia24/7 weekend trading, not/unethical behaviour

28/01/2017. At 21:52 on this Saturday evening I drove to your outlet on Kessels Rd & Riawena Rd, Coopers Plains QLD 4108. I could have gone to a much closer store in Mt Gravatt but they don't have a drive thru or sell shakes.

I waited at the speaker to place my order and waited there for over 10 minutes without being acknowledge, I then went to the second window waited for a further 2-3 minutes while staff walked past seeing my presents. Yet no body acknowledged me or asked me for an order. I then drove forward to the final window and waited a further five minutes before a young male manager came to the window to tell me that they closed due to maintenance issues.

When Your manager came to the window it was obvious that he had no time for any polite discussion as he was one of the staff members who had just walked past me while I waited at the first window.

I pointed out that the sign on your window says you are open 24/7 Friday and Saturday, when he scoffed at me and answered they closed due to maintenance issues. No polite understanding for just waiting over twenty minutes without being acknowledged in your drive thru service area
and would now have to drive away without any of your products at all. Not sorry not anything just we are closed and reason and that was it.

I have tried to hold faith in this outlet after several other issues that I have just accepted from the past.
This was just rude and it appears to me that this attitude is quite intrenched in this outlet.

I then went to your Mt Gravatt operation in an attempt to get service and I will attach a copy of my receipt.

Hungry Jack's Australia

Jan 28, 2017

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