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Reny k philip
No.2, voc street,
Nilamangai nagar,
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October 22, 2012

The manager,
Credit card grievance redressal cell
#96, dr. radhakrishnan salai
Chennai – 600 004

Dear sir,
I have been issued a credit card bearing no. [protected] in august 2009 as a life time free card.
I have taken a loan against that card in 2010. to my surprise I found in the statement for the month of september 2010 that the bank has debited annual fees of rs.1050/- + st to my account.
When contacted, the customer care executive informed me that I have to close the loan and cancel the card. otherwise they should inform me that the annual fee will be debited if I take loan. if I have enough money then why should I take loan from the bank?
without my consent and not informing me the bank is debiting rs.1050/- + service tax every year in my statement. (rs.750/- for primary card and rs.300/- for add on card) is not fair from the bank’s part.
And in september 2012 also the bank has debited rs.1050/- + service tax to my account. I have received a message from the bank that my renewed card has been sent to my address. but the courier company did not deliver the card to my address so far and I am not in receipt of the card also. more over I am not interested to have the renewed card if it is not for free.
Hence I request you to kindly reverse the charges debited to my account i.e. rs. 3150/- + st (rs.1050/- * 3 yrs) and the interest charges on that amount. and also I request you to kindly cancel the renewed card which I have not received yet, if it is not a free card.
The balance amount I owe the bank is rs.9738/63 as on today which include rs.3150/- + st and interest. I have been paying the dues regularly which you can verify from my account.
Hence I request you to kindly reverse the fees debited to my account and cancel the renewed card and oblige.

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  • Su
      Jun 26, 2007
    HSBC Credit Card - Unauthorized late payment fees

    This is regard to the HSBC Credit Card payment. I have used the card only twice till now. I get the statement very late in which late payment fees is also incorporated. This i feel is intentional on part of the bank to bail of extra amount from the customers.

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  • Gb
      Dec 11, 2007

    They did the same thing to me, twice. BEWARE! They are crooks!

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  • Ga
      Jul 25, 2009
    HSBC Credit Card - non sending of bills
    Gajendra Naidu

    I have not received the credit card bill for the month of july 2009 which is payable on or before 1st August 2009. Kindly despatch the bill immedietly so as to enable me to make the payment in time.

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  • Ve
      Jul 25, 2009

    Or better yet..why not call them instead of posting your request on a public web site that HSBC does not even monitor.

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  • Av
      Nov 30, 2010
    HSBC Credit Card - Burned by Billing Cycle Date Change
    United States

    HSBC has changed my Billing Cycle Date multiple times which results in my auto-payments doubling up in one month and missing the next month. This results in huge late fees. Customer Service tries to explain the date change as a courtesy to the consumer. Their actions are criminal. Before I accept another offer from Best Buy or other company, I'll closely check on whether they use HSBC.

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  • Po
      Nov 30, 2010

    Those actions are not criminal. They are legally allowed to change your dates whenever they please. It's in the fine the print. A good thing to remember is that when you have a credit card, the limits, the interest, the dates, and everything else never truly belong to you and can be altered or removed at any time.

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  • Ap
      May 27, 2011
    HSBC Credit Card - Late Payment Charge

    My Card No. is [protected]
    18th March to 17th April shows outstanding balance Rs.0.33
    I did not pay it as one cheque cost is Rs. 0.50
    18th April to 17th May bill shows late payment charge is Rs.400.00
    Is it not rediculous that for 0.33 I will ahve to pay Rs. 400.
    Pl rectify the statement otherwise, I will surrender my card.

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  • Ti
      May 28, 2011

    Horrible company...liars and cheats. They violalate your morgage papers. And know you can't sue their behemoth butts.
    I had Northwind mortage for years in California. Illinois and Texas and then they sold the servicing to CitiMortgage which ahs porceeded to hound me for years to set up escrow which I did not have to do in Texas and my lender. That has buggged Citi and now they do not understand Texas laws about property tax protest. I cannot reach ANYBODY above some filipino call center. Wish Bonnie and Clyde were back to teach these white collar theives a lesson since consumers are powerless.

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