H&R Blocktoo high fee for full time college student

This morning went to local H&R Block to file my son's taxes, who is a full time out of state college student. Refund of full return of state and fed taxes to sum of $915. The fee for this was $104.00 with a $45 discount that was included, this was rape. This fee was outrageous, full time college student, works during summer and holidays for his money. The young people trying to make something of themselves, with goals and standards get no breaks. I filed a complaint with them...big deal right-they don't care and it proved so in the employees taking the complaints. So the next best thing I can do for this situation as a mom, is sing it from the house top-how sorry this business is...all about the buck!! So unless you are getting a big return back or can afford to let them rape you, better find someone else or file yourself.

Jan 28, 2015

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