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Last year a friend and I went to H and R block to have our taxes prepared. I did not receive my state refund plus was told I would not receive a federal return. I come to find out today 4/7/2016, that my taxes were not filed and I paid 328 dollars out of pocket that has not been refunded to me. My friend also had his taxes prepared by the same preparer, and I was under the impression if you do not receive a refund, there would be no charge. Come to find out after he was taxed to pay over 8000 dollars, the preparer may have prepared his taxes incorrectly. Is there any compensation for either of us? or are both of us out of money, time and mind for choosing H and R block for preparing our 2014 taxes. This year I prepared both of our taxes using turbo tax and both will be receiving a refund. I will for now on prepare our taxes. No more fraudulent companies for us.

Apr 07, 2016
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      Jan 14, 2017

    Number 1, yes, 100 percent to the Nth exponent you're both out of money. Again, their model is crafted to only care about the money, almost like a legalized mugging scheme. Second, you guys are lucky it wasn't more, as in using that clearinghouse computer to screw with your taxes to the point the cops are called to your place to arrest you for major fraud. That can realistically happen. Hopefully, you'll use a reputable tax program, a reputable person charging a reasonable price, or use VITA, IRS Sponsored place where if you fall under Filing Status Single $20, 000, all others $50, 000, you can get your taxes filed free. Remember this and have a better year than the year where this unconscionable incident happened.

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